Fri 3 Feb > Rebel Up! & Global Hybrid present: Tribal Tropical @ Kumiko (ex-Bravo), Bxl FREE IN!

a new Bxl basement party in town, free in!
*****deep tropical sounds from the global underground*****
hosted by Rebel Up! Soundclash & Global Hybrid Records

@ Kumiko Izakaya (ex-Bravo bar)

Get ready to immerse yourself into modern ethnic spheres, be taken to imaginary places, dance, sweat, smile and cry, we are all one tribe.

Originator of the Rebel Up! DJ collective, their infamous parties are no secret to the Brussels global underground and beyond. Always bringing the freshest and bounciest global sounds, from ethnic electronic bass to digital folklore, it’s all there to hear and feel. Tune in to radio show Rebel Up Nightshop on Radio Campus Bxl & Radio Groovalizacion. Select global, play local!

Alizarina *LIVE*
From a techno kick to a melodic clarinet, Alizarina mixes different influences: Techno, Klezmer, Gypsy and Balkan beats… Fruit of travels and a strongly developed curiosity, his music will take you on a modern trip through his special Ethno-Techno Tzigane sound. Just a few months ago, he released his debut album ‘Melodic Blossoms’ on Global Hybrid, an album that sublimely bridges tradition with the modern.

TOHM (Fanfara Electronica)
One of the originators of Global Hybrid crew that host many amazingly wild parties in Brussels and part of the Fanfara Electronica. His playground is a free and liberated mix of the electronic universe and world music. Tohm brings deep tribal sounds, a spirit for the freedom of wild electronic celebrations, ethnic sounds to dancefloor with a kicking beat!

Rafael Aragon
Birthday boy Rafael also joins us! His obsessive curiosity has him digging through everything from latin beats to oriental melodies, unearthing unique samples that he (re)mixes, twists and polishes with a watchmaker’s precision. Rafael’s music is demanding but light-hearted, intelligent but down to earth, and overcomes musical language barriers with its lack of stylistic limitations.


20h – 2h30 @ Kumiko Izakaya (ex-Bravo)
Rue de Alost / Aalststraat 7, 1000 Bxl


Sat 5 Dec > Rebel Up! @ Drache Musicale Louvrette party!


this saturday 5 Dec, our friends of Drache Musicale (Radio Panik) are organising a fun & FREE global night @ café Le Louvre at the Parvis of St Gilles.
special guest is our friend Boris Viande, better known as a super good electro-balkan producer! He runs the VLAD Ghetto Folk label and plays live trumpet during his live & dj sets!

support by Rebel Up & Drache Musicale dj’s, yeah! 🙂

FB event

where? café Le Louvre,
Parvis St Gilles (at corner, other side of Brasserie Schuermans)
from 22h til 4am


Sat 3 Oct > Rebel Up! @ NUIT BLANCHE, La Tentation, Bxl


Rebel Up! plays at Nuit Blanche afterparty in La Tentation, all night long!
This night is organised as a *carte blanche* by the El Pulpo collective that Rebel Up! is part of. Expect a wild night of global sounds in all colours, Africa, Latino, Mediterranean, Balkan, Arabic and more, from ethnic & roots to electronic styles.

with Rebel Up! dj’s & special guest dj Gaetano Dub (Liege).

check FB event or see all info here.

Sat 27 Oct; Rebel Up! Soundclash @ OCCII, A’dam w/ Guess What (UK), Sonar Calibrado DJ set (US/ES) & DJ Duckfood

Once again Rebel Up! Soundclash returns with a dance night of global tunes, vintage sounds and ethnic bass in Amsterdam. It promises to be an excellent night with a live set and some special DJ sets, here’s the roll;

Guess What (UK)
This duo specializes in obscure metaphysical music and global soundtracks with piano, organ, melodica and electronics that take you through Russia, the Middle East and the 70’s *Giallo* cinema of Italy. Expect a heavy dose of psychedelics that will make your swirl into a higher state.


Sonar Calibrado DJ set (US/ES)
we once again welcome our good globetrotting friend who will go back to his roots with a straight up old-skool dj setof global revolution beats, self recorded ethnic sounds and new urban dance styles. Expect a storming underground dance set as ever!


DJ Duckfood (R’dam)
our sheepskinned man from Rotterdam will again bring his lively mix of global sounds and special remixes. what to think of Moldavian jump up music, Iraqi choubi beats and other underground party styles.


Rebel Up! DJ/VJ’s
as always your hosts will bring their best tunes and visuals to surprise and amaze the dancefloor. Whether it’s a trip to the tropics, the rural countryside or the urban jungle, they are ready and armed with good global beats and sweet swinging tunes.


Profits go to charity; NGO Bhakti Luhur in Eastern Java, which takes care of handicapped children and set up school projects in various villages.

~Come & have your healthy dose of global sounds from the underground!~

doors; 22:30 , 6€ in
Amstelveenseweg 134, A’dam
FB event here

Fri 17 Feb > Rebel Up! dj SebCat &friends @ cafe Bonnefooi, Bxl -free in-

Title: Rebel Up dj SebCat @ cafe Bonnefooi, Bxl -free in-
Location: Bonnefooi, Brussels
Link out: Click here
Description: Filling in last minute for our friend El Sonidero Quilombo, SebCat & friends will be djing all night long in café Bonnefooi from 23h til 5am… FREE IN!
Start Time: 23:00
Date: 2012-02-17

zaterdag 19 september; Rebel Up! Soundclash @ Vechtclub, Utrecht *Argentina cumbia night* met DJ Pinchado (AR), Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s, DJ Tommi & Tiki Klazien

19 september, vechtclub

*English version below*

Omdat de herfst stilaan nadert, organiseert Rebel Up! Soundclash een heuse tropische dansavond in Utrecht!  Het warme karakter van het ecologisch geknutselde Vechtclub theater zal perfect passen voor de sfeer van deze avond.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) komt uit Buenos Aires en is geboren en getogen in de ruige havenwijk La Boca, de thuishaven van lokale voetbalclub Boca Juniors en ook geboorteplaats van de elegante Tango. Op deze avond niks van dat, maar wel vette cumbia. De sensuele cumbia is nu superpopulair in Zuid Amerika door een lichting van jonge artiesten die knutselen met deze oude volksstijl. In Argentinië specialiseren artiesten zich met experimentele geluiden, waaraan hiphop, dub en electronica wordt toegevoegd. Pinchado’s geluid hangt tussen dubby sferen en electronische kitsch in als een zeer dansbare cocktail! Verwacht een speciale live/dj set met de allernieuwste dansmuziek uit Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

De internationale crew van Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s zullen door de avond heen zorgen voor speelse tropische geluiden en visuele kunsten die naar Argentijnse en Zuid Amerikaanse sferen zullen knipogen. De Utregse global dj DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) zal de avond openen waarbij hij zijn cumbia hart zal laten bonzen met flinke danskrakers. Tiki Klazien zal volgen met een lekker speciale set van tiki cocktail sounds in tropicalia sferen.

Zoals altijd op onze avonden vinden wij het belangrijk om mensen globaal bewust te maken en het ondersteunen van ontwikkelingsprojecten. Er zal een donatie box staan voor Stichting Ombú, een Argentijns georienteerde organisatie die lokale Argentijnse organisaties helpt met het verbeteren van levensomstandigheden in de armste sloppenwijken. Meer info @

Verpreid het woord, nodig al je vrienden, collega’s en medestudenten uit en kom meefeesten!

Zaterdag 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
deur open: 22:00 tot laat,
entree 5€

The Rebel Up! Soundclash crew will hit Utrecht with a global dance night @ Vechtclub in the barrio of Overvecht, *Utrecht northside*. As autumn is looming,  we present a special Argentinian cumbia night filled with global tropical sounds! The warm character of the ecologically and self-built Vechtclub theatre fits perfectly for the atmosphere of this night.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) hails from Buenos Aires and is born and raised in the old harbour area of La Boca, home to local footie club Boca Juniors and birthplace of the elegant tango. None of that tango twisting tonight, but some seriously heavy cumbia! The sensual cumbia has become popular once again throughout all of South America and reason for this is a fresh wave of young artists who experiment with this old afro-influenced folk style. In Argentina a lot of artists have started creating experimental cumbia sounds, where dub, hiphop and electronica is added to this hefty stew. Pinchado’s special sound floats inbetween dubby spheres and electronic Boca beats as a very danceable cocktail! Excpect a live/dj set with the freshest dance music from Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

The international Rebel Up! DJ & VJ crew (BE/FR/NL/AR) will add their crafty tropical sounds and colourful visuals to this  South American adventure throughout the night. The night will be  kicked off by local Utrecht spinner DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) who will let his cumbia heart beat for you and play some jumping tunes. Tiki Klazien will follow up with a tasty set of tiki cocktail sounds that take you into pure tropicalia spheres.  yay yay!

On our nights, we always find it important to create global awareness and so we support development projects and charities. There will be a donation box for Stichting Ombú, a Dutch organisation forcussed on Argentina which helps local Argentinian organisations to improve conditions in the poorest shantytowns. More info @

Come along, spread the message, invite all your friends, bring fellow students and more!

Saturday 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
doors open: 22:00 till late…
fee: 5€

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