Fri 27.08 > Babylon Trio & Rebel Up @ Microtunes Rat vs Pigeon, Pont de Cureghem (Recup Ton Quartier) Bxl

Micromarché, Werkplaats Walter & Recup Ton Quartier present: Microtunes closing party.

Concerts by Babylon Trio (Iraqi electronic trio from Bxl via Rebel Up), Boeiaka Boeika and Granvat. DJ sets by Rayon D’Soleil & Rebel Up SebCat. Also dance workshop, food & drinks! FREE IN

16h00 – 18h00: Rayon D’Soleil (DJ SET)
18h00 – 19h00: House & HipHop Dance Workshop with Samantha Mavinga (WORKSHOP)
19h00 – 19h30: Boeiaka Boeiaka (CONCERT)
19h30 – 20h00: SebCat Rebel Up (DJ SET)
20h00 – 20h30: Babylon Trio (CONCERT)
20h30 – 22h00: GRANVAT (PARTY)

FB event
@ corner of Pont de Curegem / Kuregembrug and Rue Wayez.

Sat 28 Jan > Rebel Up! @ Orfee & Pal’s Pxychotropical party, De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Paul and Orfee celebrate their birthdays together on the 28th of January. Bring your loving heart, soul and ditto dance moves!

Special intra-europeannal pxychotropical line-up:
░ ✫ Francisco (Lisbon)
✶ ░ SebCat (Rebel Up! Soundclash | Brussels)
░ ✫ Calacas Soundsystem (Mechelen)
✶ ░ DEKS (Mokum)

FB event
21H – 3AM
@ De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031HD Amsterdam Noord

Thu 8 Dec > Rebel Up! SebCat @ Coupé/Décalé, La Raffinerie, Bxl


6, 7 and 8 Dec > 3 day contemporary dance festival Coupé/Décalé in collaboration with Charleroi Danses @ La Raffinerie, Molenbeek.
see full programme here.

On the 3rd & final night, Filmer La Transe, Rebel Up! will play a listening-slash-dance dj set at the afterparty.

19h00 Doors Opening
Video Installation by Bacho Tsulazde « Danse d’Aršakoun »

19h30 Screening of short movies.
« La tarenta » Gianfranco Mingozzi in original version (italian) subtitled french.
« Tarantism » Joachim Koester (16mm)
« Benguelino putting a spell on camera » Joao Maria Gusmao & Pedro Paiva (16mm)
« De dentro » Peter Conrad-Beyer
« Fiorucci made me hardcore » Mark Leckey
« One man nation »Vincent Moon
«Tiny Big» Lia Bertels

Music, DJ’s!
21h00 Set from Gazpacho de la Mancha
22h00 Set from Rebel Up! Seb Cat

Entrance: Free donation

FB Event here.

@ La Raffinerie
Rue de Manchester 21
1080 Molem Bxl

Fri 10 June @ Worldshake party, Minimaal bar, Mechelen


This friday night > Rebel Up! SebCat is playing at global Worldshake party, in temporary bar Minimaal, in the city of Mechelen
hosted by the Oerwout DJ. SebCat will play deeper into the night for some heavy global beats action 🙂

FB event here.

@ Minimaal bar
Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 82

Fri 19 June @ OCCII, Amsterdam > Rebel Up! Soundclash / OK IN KO OUT present: Akounak movie premiere (tuareg music film) + Mdou Moctar concert + djs

19 juni mdou moctar

This friday another special Rebel Up! Soundclash & OK IN KO OUT collab night in OCCII.
Showing the movie ‘Akounak’, followed by a concert of Niger tuareg band Mdou Moctar and the Rebel Up! & Sahel Sounds dj’s

Mdou Moctar  – concert
In the somewhat crowded scene of Tuareg guitarists, Mdou stands apart from his peers. One of the few original singer/songwriters willing to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre, his unconventional styles have won him accolades both in Niger and abroad.

Mdou Moctar hails from Abalak, in the Azawagh desert of Niger. He taught himself the guitar at a young age on a homemade instrument. Inspired by returning Ishumar, Mdou traveled the road to Libya where he traveled and worked odd jobs. As chance had, he would meet some of the now famous guitarists and further his musical studies. He returned home with a guitar and a dream.

Rising to the status as local celebrity, in 2008 he traveled to Nigeria to record his first album “Anar” – a psychedelic electronic album of Tuareg guitar, became an instant success throughout the mp3 networks of West Africa. “Tahoultine,” one of the standout tracks, was later featured on the compilation “Music from Saharan Cellphones.” In 2013, he released his first international album, “Afelane,” rocking and raw sessions recorded live at his hometown in Niger. He is currently in production in the first ever Tuareg language film, a fictional story of the struggle of a guitarist trying to make it against all odds in Agadez.

Akounak Teggdalit Taha Tazouhai Trailer from sahelsounds on Vimeo.

Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in It (Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai)
Feature | NR | 75 | DIRECTOR: Christopher Kirkley

Prince goes Sahel in this colorful homage to Purple Rain. Set among the sub-Saharan Tuareg people, and reputedly the first feature film in their Tamashek language (which has no word for “purple,” hence the title). Resplendent in a purple robe and matching chopper, smoking hot guitarist Mdou Moctar arrives in a music-mad Niger town and sets about wooing a local beauty, clashing with his pious father, and fencing with the jealous king of the local scene (Kader Tanoutanoute, as wily and dapper as Morris Day) until their climactic six-string shootout.

Starring guitarist Mdou Moctar, Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in It (Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai) is a feature length fiction film, shot entirely in Agadez, Niger. Akounak tells the universal story of a musician trying to make it “against all odds,” set against the backdrop of the raucous subculture of Tuareg guitar. The protagonist, real life musician Mdou Moctar, must battle fierce competition from jealous musicians, overcome family conflicts, and endure the trials of love – all while coming to terms with one of the biggest barriers: himself.

Both a homage to Purple Rain and The Harder They Come, Akounak is based on the universal hero, the struggle of a musician to overcome a series of conflicts. In execution, many techniques have been adapted from Poverty Row, Italian Neo-Realism, and the experimental films of Jean Rouch. While there are a plethora of films concerning the Tuareg guitar, all are documentaries. Akounak is the first fiction film to explore the scene in this format, and the first film in the Tuareg language of Niger.
DJ sets by Rebel Up! & Sahel Sounds dj’s.

Doors open: 20:30
Movie to start around 21:00

full info > OCCII site or FB event

Thu 21 Aug > Café Congé goes Congo @ Elzenhof, Elsene/Ixelles Bxl


hey folks,

Elzenhof,  Kuumba & Rebel Up! present:

this thursday a special Congolese afternoon/evening at the garden of the Elzenhof cummunity centre in Elsene/Ixelles, next to Matongé area.
we´ll be playing from the afternoon and just after midnight, also live concert by local Congolese rumba soukous band Color Rumba and other dj friends + other activities and workshops too, FREE IN!

from 15h music in the garden
16h creative workshop for children
15h – 19h00 Rebel Up! DJ´s (chill african tunes)
19h00 – 20h30 DJ Planet Ilunga (Congolese sounds from the 50’s & 60’s)
17h & 19h workshop Congolese dance
20u30 live concert Yan Koy & Color Rumba (rumba & soukous, Kinshasa/Brussels)
22h00 – 23h30 Dj DocDaddy (RDC/BE) (modern african dance tunes)
23h30 – end Rebel Up! DJ’s  ( african & global dance tunes)

+ cocktail bar & Congolese dishes

Just come and join in, FREE IN!!!

Facebook event here, more info on Elzenhof site

@GC Elzenhof
Kroonlaan 14 Avenue Couronne
1050 Elsene/Ixelles

and in the meantime, check out our amazing Acholi Folk Pop mixtape, made by Rebel Up! LeBlanc.
Acholi is the freshest digital dance (and wedding) music from Northern Uganda where traditional styles collide with modern electronic studio production. Nobody knows these sounds yet, so be lucky. Seriously good and refreshing 🙂

Acholi folk pop by Rebel Up! on Mixcloud



zaterdag 19 september; Rebel Up! Soundclash @ Vechtclub, Utrecht *Argentina cumbia night* met DJ Pinchado (AR), Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s, DJ Tommi & Tiki Klazien

19 september, vechtclub

*English version below*

Omdat de herfst stilaan nadert, organiseert Rebel Up! Soundclash een heuse tropische dansavond in Utrecht!  Het warme karakter van het ecologisch geknutselde Vechtclub theater zal perfect passen voor de sfeer van deze avond.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) komt uit Buenos Aires en is geboren en getogen in de ruige havenwijk La Boca, de thuishaven van lokale voetbalclub Boca Juniors en ook geboorteplaats van de elegante Tango. Op deze avond niks van dat, maar wel vette cumbia. De sensuele cumbia is nu superpopulair in Zuid Amerika door een lichting van jonge artiesten die knutselen met deze oude volksstijl. In Argentinië specialiseren artiesten zich met experimentele geluiden, waaraan hiphop, dub en electronica wordt toegevoegd. Pinchado’s geluid hangt tussen dubby sferen en electronische kitsch in als een zeer dansbare cocktail! Verwacht een speciale live/dj set met de allernieuwste dansmuziek uit Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

De internationale crew van Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s zullen door de avond heen zorgen voor speelse tropische geluiden en visuele kunsten die naar Argentijnse en Zuid Amerikaanse sferen zullen knipogen. De Utregse global dj DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) zal de avond openen waarbij hij zijn cumbia hart zal laten bonzen met flinke danskrakers. Tiki Klazien zal volgen met een lekker speciale set van tiki cocktail sounds in tropicalia sferen.

Zoals altijd op onze avonden vinden wij het belangrijk om mensen globaal bewust te maken en het ondersteunen van ontwikkelingsprojecten. Er zal een donatie box staan voor Stichting Ombú, een Argentijns georienteerde organisatie die lokale Argentijnse organisaties helpt met het verbeteren van levensomstandigheden in de armste sloppenwijken. Meer info @

Verpreid het woord, nodig al je vrienden, collega’s en medestudenten uit en kom meefeesten!

Zaterdag 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
deur open: 22:00 tot laat,
entree 5€

The Rebel Up! Soundclash crew will hit Utrecht with a global dance night @ Vechtclub in the barrio of Overvecht, *Utrecht northside*. As autumn is looming,  we present a special Argentinian cumbia night filled with global tropical sounds! The warm character of the ecologically and self-built Vechtclub theatre fits perfectly for the atmosphere of this night.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) hails from Buenos Aires and is born and raised in the old harbour area of La Boca, home to local footie club Boca Juniors and birthplace of the elegant tango. None of that tango twisting tonight, but some seriously heavy cumbia! The sensual cumbia has become popular once again throughout all of South America and reason for this is a fresh wave of young artists who experiment with this old afro-influenced folk style. In Argentina a lot of artists have started creating experimental cumbia sounds, where dub, hiphop and electronica is added to this hefty stew. Pinchado’s special sound floats inbetween dubby spheres and electronic Boca beats as a very danceable cocktail! Excpect a live/dj set with the freshest dance music from Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

The international Rebel Up! DJ & VJ crew (BE/FR/NL/AR) will add their crafty tropical sounds and colourful visuals to this  South American adventure throughout the night. The night will be  kicked off by local Utrecht spinner DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) who will let his cumbia heart beat for you and play some jumping tunes. Tiki Klazien will follow up with a tasty set of tiki cocktail sounds that take you into pure tropicalia spheres.  yay yay!

On our nights, we always find it important to create global awareness and so we support development projects and charities. There will be a donation box for Stichting Ombú, a Dutch organisation forcussed on Argentina which helps local Argentinian organisations to improve conditions in the poorest shantytowns. More info @

Come along, spread the message, invite all your friends, bring fellow students and more!

Saturday 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
doors open: 22:00 till late…
fee: 5€

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