Fri 16 March > Rebel Up @ Cafe Maison du Peuple, St Gilles

This friday night, global sounds all night at Cafe Maison du Peuple, on the parvis of St Gilles.

Rebel Up Sebcat will play together DJ Sudakah (CO/Bxl), selector Colombiano Puro!  From classical to the best of contemporary electronic Cumbia. expect a whirlwind of tropical sounds from Latin America, Africa and beyond.

Free in!

FB event / website

from 22h til 3am
@ cafe Maison du Peuple
Parvis Saint Gilles 39, St-Gilles

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8-10 march > Rebel Up @ Euskal Herrialdea, Basque Country

kaixo! (or *hello*, in Basque)

This weekend, starting on thursday, Rebel Up SebCat will be touring Euskal Herrialdea, Spanish Basque Country!

Invited by DJ Makala of Global Funk Soundsystem collective (who will come & play Bxl on saturday 7 april), who are celebrating their 10 year existence.
SebCat will play 3 dates:

thu 08/03 @ Kremlin club, Bilbao
fri 09/03 @ Nicolette club ee ritmo, Iruna / Pamplona
sat 10/03 @ Le Bukowski, Donostia / San Sebastian

more info

See you there?
Etorri zaitez gurekin!

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Saturday 3 March > Rebel Up @ Giraffes & Penguins #5, Au Quai, Bxl


This 5th edition of Giraffes & Penguins will push away the limits of physics!
Four global underground DJ’s from Brussels will demonstrate that East, West, North & South can melt into a single point called “dancefloor” if brought at the right temperature!

🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 LINE-UP 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧
This dangerous experiment (loss of control is very likely) will be led by The Wild, Drache Musicale, Rebel Up SebCat and Le Grand Méchant Loop
🕶💥 Visual entertainment will be guaranteed by our guest VJ Gilles empêtré 💥🕶

Join & share the fun!  🙂

FB event

Entrance 5€ /// Doors 10pm
Next to Dépôt Design and MIMA
Metro 1/5 >> Comte de Flandre / Graaf van Vlaanderen
Tram 51 >> Porte de Flandre / Vlaamse Poort

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Saturday 3 March > Rebel Up Distro @ Kraak Festival, Beursschouwburg, Bxl

this saturday, the Rebel Up Distro will be at the 3 day KRAAK festival in the Beursschouwburg venue.
expect a lot of ethnic vinyls as well as alternative vinyls from the global underground.

the vinyl market will be on at the Beursschouwburg cafe between 14h and 23h, free entrance. also there will be dj sets by some of the vendors, catch us at 19h! >
For full info of the music programme, see FB event or website.

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Thu 1 March > Rebel Up @ Kultur Bazart charity night, ULB Solbosch, Bxl

From 12h the Cultural Center will host the Mobilization University Hospital event, a call from several ULB student associations and circles in favour of a solidarity event for refugees. All profitts go to refugees!

In the same vein, the FOCUS team will take over with a Kultur Bazart that promises to be as rich as in previous editions. With a 100% Brussels line-up, faithful to the logic of promoting a rich local scene.

Lineup >

♦ Grande Machi
♦ Second Mood
♦ Berdy ft. Fonique
♦ Rebel Up! Sebcat
♦ Datra

beers at 1€ / 2€

FB event

@ ULB Solbosch
Avenue Paul Heger

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Sun 26/02 > Rebel Up @ Recyclart 36 hour marathon party, Bxl

yo folks,

The iconic Brussels venue Recyclart is closing down next week in their train station venue after 20 good years due to an unapologetic Infrabel 🙁
But we do expect them to open up elsewhere in the city, think north edge 😉

This calls for a final party blow out. Starting saturday night midnight, there will be a 36 hour marathon till monday afternoon 13h.

A full lineup with many Bxl dj’s and live bands, a programme to check out.
Rebel Up will be there as well, ofcourse! We will spin sunday late night, for those hardcore enough to come out and party with us. 
Rebel Up Leblanc at 2am, followed by SebCat at 3am.

Full info > FB event / Recyclart website.

@ Recyclart

Ursulinenstraat 25

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New Rebel Up Nightshop radio show #47: Shika Shika label focus, Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde , Colombia meets Congo, Diron Animal & much more!

Aloha February! Show #47, broadcasted during Feb’18 on Radio Campus Bxl and streamed online via Groovalizacion Radio. 3 songs of the day; new tune by Go Dugong & Miriam Garcia via Global Hybrid Records, followed by a fresh Rebel Up remix by Tunisian artist Brahim El Biskri and a tune by Diron Animal from his new album on Soundway. Our 2 albums of the month from Brazil and Colombia meet Congo. Starting with the new release “Maga Bo Apresenta Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde”, out on Kafundo Records, Afro Brazilian music from the nordeste with an organic electronic kick. Followed by Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá “de Palenque a Matongé” am meeting with Afro Colombian music and Congolese rumba, out on Belgian Zephyrus label. Label Focus takes us to Shika Shika netlabel, run by El Buho & Barrio Lindo for organic electronic global sounds, a label with many discoveries. Closing the show is our monthly Agenda + Soundclash. Tune in!

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