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Rebel Up! Distro sells LP’s & Cassettes from great independent labels.

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Rebel Up SebCat’s own recorded & selected Rajasthan Street Music 2LP, out since March 2014 on US label Sublime Frequencies. or digital release here.
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Mohamed El Rifi, Mohamed Shu’eib & El-Hajja Mina El-Gharbaouia 7″ > 13 €
Moroccan folk music from the Riff mountains, female singing
Mohamed El Rifi & Mohamed Shu’eib – Animal / Walking 7″ >   10 €
Moroccan folk music from the Riff mountains
Si Daty & Mounina – Ida Haka 7″  >  30 €  very rare single!
Mauritanian griot folk, think Noura Mint Seymali
Benasser Khouya – Annasi Emano / He is wrong 7″  >  15 €
folk music from the Atlas mountains
Abdallah el Maguana – Lamdinia & El Aroubia / Taarida 7″   >   15 €
flute & drum music from Oujda
Mohamed Bergame – MB 14 7″  >  13 €  only 1 left!
Moroccan funky brass horns from late 50’s

Atlas music single MB1070 > 15 €
flute music and female berber chants

Hamid el Hilali – MB 2206  >  15 €
Jewish Moroccan Al Andalus violin music & chants