Filmed and edited mostly by Rebel Ups main video man VJ M. Footage from around the globe.

Pushkar: Live Cinema from Maarten van der Glas on Vimeo.

a short 22 minute documentary on the music of Pushkar, India, during one of the worlds largest camel fairs. VJ M and SebCat also perform this documentary * live* as a Live Cinema experience, mixing in layers of audio and video, to give a layered, dreamy, truly Indian experience, with a running length of about 45 minutes.

13 minute documentary about the Munda, tribes people, of Jarkhand, India. Their way of living and the way it is changing because of modernity invading. It’s linked to the NGO Telluris who does their best helping the Munda people help them self.

Short clips, making of the Munda:

Daily live of India:

Rebel Up is very proud to have Pata Potea perform with acrobatics @ the Vechtclub, Utrecht

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