Sun 21 Sept > Rebel Up! dj’s @ De Vechtclub XL opening (day 3), Utrecht

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Hello Utrecht,

It has been a while..
Some of you might still remember our infamous Rebel Up! Soundclash nights at the Vechtclub warehouse in Utrecht Overvecht over 4 years ago.  De Vechtclub has now gotten a bigger brother  in Kanaleneiland, called Vechtclub XL. It contains over 50 workshops, studio’s and even a music/art venue-slash-restaurant called De Klup.

It’s the openingsweekend from 19-21 september where you can breakfast, brunch or drink, follow workshop, check out the DIY market and even go in a cinematic caravan. and also music during every day and evening!

on sunday 21st Rebel Up! will be spinning global & eclectic afternoon tunes for everyone’s joy. Also will be selling some new vinyls & cassettes by labels such as Sahel Sounds, Sublime Frequencies and Mississippi records. To know which ones we still have in stock, check it.

and oh, it’s FREE IN!

for info & timetables, see FB event here or Vechtclub site.

Friday 23rd october, Rebel Up! Soundclash Utrecht #2, *live* João Brasil (BR) & Pata Potea (TZ/KE)

webflyer vechtclub oktThanks all you Utrecht folks for coming to our previous Rebel Up! cumbia party in sept.
It was a great success with a good global vibe! Up to another global dance night @ Vechtclub!

This night will have a much different sound than last time’s cumbia clash. Expect to get some fresh baile funk electro & tecnobrega live action from Brasil and shaking afrobeat funk and hiphop from Tanzania & Kenya!

João Brasil hails from Rio de Janeiro, but lives in London since a few months. He plays live electronically sampled music from Brasil; baile funk (Rio style hiphop electro), tecnobrega (dancepop from Brasil do Norte) and cut up ‘montagems’ of various Brazilian styles.

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september round-up

September surely was a big & busy month for us. Big thanks to all who came to our Incubate night, Utrecht & A’dam shows! Hope you enjoyed the nights 🙂rebel up incubate

Our set @ Incubate was quite a fierce, timed in 45 mins,  where we went heavy on the kufana, african electronics, ragga riddims and arabic digitalism.  Good fun, sure we had good fun too in our catty & elephant maskerade. Our brothers-in-sound DJ UMB, João Brasil, Pinchado, Process Rebel, Filastine & MC Nova and Malorix all delivered class sets. It only was a pity that Malorix had tech problems cut his set short.

Followed by the cumbia Rebel Up! night in Utrecht. Before we had no clue as to how many people would come out. DJ Tommi kicked off the night by spinning some crafty nueva cumbia along the Argentinian sounds of ZZK and some Mexican fire to have the first people dancing. People slowly started pouring in, more women than men! Nice to realise that also in Utrecht our night is not male orientated but in a healthy, overly female, balance that a made up for a good atmosphere. By 1am the Vechtclub suddenly was filled with a lot of people and DJ Pinchado started his laptop set, playing all his favorite cumbia rhythms from obscure 60’s & 70s chicha, Columbian classico’s and much much more. Not everybody could follow the heavy thrust of the cumbia as it’s a tough latino one and it still has to sink into the psyche of the Utrecht party people. Give it more time and people surely will shout for more. The Rebel Up! dj’s took over and went into mixed cumbia-african-riddim spheres to give the night a more global sound. Tiki Klazien closed off the night with a tropicalia-tastic set of old swing jazz & tiki sounds.  -Stay tuned for the next Utrecht Rebel Up! night on Friday 23rd of october!-

Last weekend we had the A’dam Rebel Up! party. Again with good buddy DJ Pinchado but also with the amazing 4 piece band Los Siquicos Litoraleños.  Our Rebel Up! dj’s shaped the night into cumbia ‘n’ latino punkrocky spheres and just after midnight the Siquicos went on. The members were dressed in space cowboy & cyber indigina outfits and their crazy Chamame/cumbia/gaucho songs held inbetween folk, punk & lofi trash rock that entertained the crowd. Perhaps not an easy sound to dance to, but surely it was a bizarre Argentine rock show as never experienced before :).  Pinchado went on straight after them and played a variety of Argentinea cumbia villera & dub versions and classico’s. The people in the OCCII were much more up for cumbia than at our Utrecht night, because a lot of them were South American folks from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador etc. who just couldn’t get enough of  the crazy cumbia villera rhythms. It went on late , another excellent Rebel Up! party @ OCCII done & gone.

Thanks to all for being there on any or many of the nights, see you next time at one of our good fun nights! 🙂

Next parties/dj sets:

Thu. 7th oct, Rebel Up! dj’s @ La Minor (RUSSIA) concert, EXIT, Rotterdam

Fri. 23rd oct, Rebel Up! Soundclash w/ special Brazilian live guest João Brasil and Eastern-African band Pata Potea @ Vechtclub, Utrecht

Sat. 24th oct, Rebel Up! Soundclash w/ special Brazilian live guest: João Brasil @ OCCII, A’dam

zaterdag 19 september; Rebel Up! Soundclash @ Vechtclub, Utrecht *Argentina cumbia night* met DJ Pinchado (AR), Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s, DJ Tommi & Tiki Klazien

19 september, vechtclub

*English version below*

Omdat de herfst stilaan nadert, organiseert Rebel Up! Soundclash een heuse tropische dansavond in Utrecht!  Het warme karakter van het ecologisch geknutselde Vechtclub theater zal perfect passen voor de sfeer van deze avond.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) komt uit Buenos Aires en is geboren en getogen in de ruige havenwijk La Boca, de thuishaven van lokale voetbalclub Boca Juniors en ook geboorteplaats van de elegante Tango. Op deze avond niks van dat, maar wel vette cumbia. De sensuele cumbia is nu superpopulair in Zuid Amerika door een lichting van jonge artiesten die knutselen met deze oude volksstijl. In Argentinië specialiseren artiesten zich met experimentele geluiden, waaraan hiphop, dub en electronica wordt toegevoegd. Pinchado’s geluid hangt tussen dubby sferen en electronische kitsch in als een zeer dansbare cocktail! Verwacht een speciale live/dj set met de allernieuwste dansmuziek uit Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

De internationale crew van Rebel Up! DJ’s & VJ’s zullen door de avond heen zorgen voor speelse tropische geluiden en visuele kunsten die naar Argentijnse en Zuid Amerikaanse sferen zullen knipogen. De Utregse global dj DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) zal de avond openen waarbij hij zijn cumbia hart zal laten bonzen met flinke danskrakers. Tiki Klazien zal volgen met een lekker speciale set van tiki cocktail sounds in tropicalia sferen.

Zoals altijd op onze avonden vinden wij het belangrijk om mensen globaal bewust te maken en het ondersteunen van ontwikkelingsprojecten. Er zal een donatie box staan voor Stichting Ombú, een Argentijns georienteerde organisatie die lokale Argentijnse organisaties helpt met het verbeteren van levensomstandigheden in de armste sloppenwijken. Meer info @

Verpreid het woord, nodig al je vrienden, collega’s en medestudenten uit en kom meefeesten!

Zaterdag 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
deur open: 22:00 tot laat,
entree 5€

The Rebel Up! Soundclash crew will hit Utrecht with a global dance night @ Vechtclub in the barrio of Overvecht, *Utrecht northside*. As autumn is looming,  we present a special Argentinian cumbia night filled with global tropical sounds! The warm character of the ecologically and self-built Vechtclub theatre fits perfectly for the atmosphere of this night.

DJ Pinchado (Julio Lozano) hails from Buenos Aires and is born and raised in the old harbour area of La Boca, home to local footie club Boca Juniors and birthplace of the elegant tango. None of that tango twisting tonight, but some seriously heavy cumbia! The sensual cumbia has become popular once again throughout all of South America and reason for this is a fresh wave of young artists who experiment with this old afro-influenced folk style. In Argentina a lot of artists have started creating experimental cumbia sounds, where dub, hiphop and electronica is added to this hefty stew. Pinchado’s special sound floats inbetween dubby spheres and electronic Boca beats as a very danceable cocktail! Excpect a live/dj set with the freshest dance music from Buenos Aires. !QUE CALOR!

The international Rebel Up! DJ & VJ crew (BE/FR/NL/AR) will add their crafty tropical sounds and colourful visuals to this  South American adventure throughout the night. The night will be  kicked off by local Utrecht spinner DJ Tommi (Fuerza/Balkan Beatz) who will let his cumbia heart beat for you and play some jumping tunes. Tiki Klazien will follow up with a tasty set of tiki cocktail sounds that take you into pure tropicalia spheres.  yay yay!

On our nights, we always find it important to create global awareness and so we support development projects and charities. There will be a donation box for Stichting Ombú, a Dutch organisation forcussed on Argentina which helps local Argentinian organisations to improve conditions in the poorest shantytowns. More info @

Come along, spread the message, invite all your friends, bring fellow students and more!

Saturday 19th of september @ Vechtclub
Brailledreef 9
doors open: 22:00 till late…
fee: 5€

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Friday 15th of may, Elec’tropical Night; Digtal Dub & Cumbia @ Vechtclub, Utrecht. ~live guests~ Douster (FR/ARG) & Sonido Del Principe (NL)

De Vechtclub & Rebel Up! Soundclash present an electropical night filled with the newest South American sounds. The sensual cumbia is back from the past and is scorching hot in Argentina at the moment, especially in the capital Buenos Aires.  Since a few years a lot of young musicians have been combining old & villera cumbia’s with a heavy dubby bass, lots of bass! Now for the first time, a night full of these new sounds in Utrecht, better believe it!  De Vechtclub is a new theatre/warehouse in Overvecht-Zuid, of which the interior is made from recycled materials and a mud wall! Cheap drinks, good vibes and an easy to reach location tucked away from residential area’s.

Expect digital dub and heavy bass with electronic cumbia, plus more rough global sounds!

Douster (FR/ARG)
Born & raised in the French near-alpine city of Lyon. Since 2 years he has been living in Buenos Aires and is part of the eclectic ZZK crew. His sound is a thick stew of roots, hiphop and electronica, extra spiced with the rhythms of cumbia and baile funk.  A hefty cocktail with lots of swagger alcohol for the dancefloor. Check his most recent ZZK mixtape, woahhhh!

Sonido Del Principe (NL)
Vincent Koreman from Tilburg is a known name in the world of alternative music  (Ex-Travoltas punkrock band en noise act RA-X). As Sonido Del Principe he produces rough styled cumbia and plays the harder styles of the new electronic world music. With a deep love for heavy bass, he mashes dub -step- en rave in one big shaker, filled with cumbia ritmes, baile funk, kuduro, speed mambo, kwaito and more.

DJ Saxixa (Paises Bajos, Worm)
From Rotterdam, secret Worm resident Saxixa will flavour the night with his special record collection from South America. Expect old and new rhythms from unknown latino corners.

Rebel Up! DJ en VJ (BE/NL)
Rebel Up! is a collective of DJ’s en VJ’s from Utrecht, A’dam en Den Haag. This time not in the OCCII, but in their half homestead of Utrecht. Diasporic sounds from the global underground; a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals.

Friday 15th of may
doors; 22:30 – 04:00
damage: 5 euro!
@ De Vechtclub,  Brailledreef 9, Utrecht (Overvecht-zuid massiv!)
For directions, see