Cassette Connection is a project started in 2012 by 3 international cassette dj’s; Awesome Tapes from Africa, DJ K-Sets and Maj Tahal, who play their special vintage global tape collection from Africa, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. In these parts of the world, cassettes still provide the musical soundtrack in local taxi’s, roadside shops and people’s homes, even though MP3’s, video cd’s and mobile phones are quickly taking over as people’s main musical source and cassettes becoming a novelty.

It all began with a 3 day tour in Belgium & The Netherlands in May 2012, where they did what no global dj had done before; just only playing unknown cassettes for full dancefloors and wild crowds, uniting people with the hiss and crackle of monochrome sound for a global trip dipped in nostalgia.

The project was kickstarted by Rebel Up!’s mysterious dj Maj Tahal, who specializes in collecting cassettes from the Indian subcontinent ever since spending some months in Indian deserts and deltas, along Pakistani rivers and in Nepali mountains. Everything from ethnographic folk to local folkpop styles and digital dance music can be found in this spicy curry flavoured collection to get a true local glimpse of the Indian subcontinent, far beyond Bollywood or Indian classical music. Check out the country pages in the menu to see these cassette covers and hear some sounds (to be added later). Below is our combined cassette mixtape that can be heard and downloaded.

Cassette Connection tape mixtape by Rebel Up! on Mixcloud

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