We at Rebel Up! like to contribute to a better world. Give back to a universe that has given so much to us. A better world starts with yourself, literally.

That’s why our Rebel Up! Soundclash nights in Amsterdam & Brussels used to be dedicated to small NGO’s who do local projects in area’s where it is needed most, with profits go to charity until 2010 and sporadically still do.

Here is a list of causes we’ve contributed to:
Bhakti Luhur (Indonesia)
Boats 4 People project/ Migreurop (Europe)
Les Petits Samurais (homeless families in Brussels, Belgium)
Seed Samburu (Kenya)
All Included (Africa-Europe)
Warriors Without Weapons (global)
Stichting Mopti (Mali)
Project Cinema Jenin (Palestina)
Global Giving (Kenya)
IBISS (Brazil)
Stichting OmbĂș (Argentina)
Free Ahmed Isa! (Netherlands)
Islamic Relief Palestine (Palestine)
Telluris (Eastern India)
GardenAfrica (Zimbabwe/Namibia/Swaziland)
Juconi (Colombia)
Myanmar Charity Group (Myanmar)
Globalteer Kids Project (Cambodia)
Casa Amazonia (Ecuador)
Stichting Tamsarya (Nepal)
War On Want (Western Sahara)
Igitego Inyange (Rwanda)
Chakana (Bolivia)
Grassroots Project (Chiapas, Mexico)

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  1. hello,
    our charity events stopped a few years ago, due to lack of support by NGO’s

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