Artists that have played on Rebel Up Soundclash nights or that the Rebel Up! crew has supported over the years:

Maga Bo (US/BR)

Filastine (ES/US)

Omar Souleyman (SY)

Group Doueh (WS)

Konono No.1 (RDC)


Malorix – Kabaddi Schwalbe // Sound System Culture Clash from IndiVisuals on Vimeo.

The Ex (NL)

De Kift (NL)

Baba Zula (TR)

2/5 BZ (TR)

Tremor (AR)

Chancha Via Circuito (AR)

Mati Zundel / Lagartijeando (AR)

Fauna (AR)

Super Guachin (AR)

Toy Selectah (MX)

Meneo (PR)

Chico Correa Pocket Band (BR)

Zea (NL)

King Ayisoba (GH)

Shangaan Electro (SA)

Jagwa Music (TZ)

Yan Koy & Kolor Rumba (RDC)

Ukandanz (ET/FR)

Chalachew Ashenafi & Ilita Band (ET)

Sistema Solar (CO)

Chicha Libre (PE/CO/FR)

Meridian Brothers (CO)

Capitol K (UK)

Joao Brasil (BR)

Hoquets (BE/US)

Orchestre TP Jean Mikili (BE)

Guess What? (FR/UK)

Hobo Dreams of Cinematic Salvation (US/IT)

Los Siquicos Literalenos (AR)

Alvarius B (US)

Issa Bagayogo (ML)

Lobi Firi (SR/NL)

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (CH)

and DJ’s >
Sublime Frequencies DJ’s (US)
Bbrave / Akwaaba (US/GH)
Awesome Tapes From Africa (US)
Process Rebel (US)
DJ Pinchado (AR)
El G (AR)
DJ Tudo (BR)
DJ Cinnamoon (ES)
Uproot Andy (CA)
DJ Zhao (CN/US)
Volante Filipeia (BR)
Sonido del Principe (NL)
Douster (FR)
Bomb Diggy (NL)
Elephant Soundsystem (NL)
Kako Da Ne (NL/BH)
John Kayongo (KE/NL)
Duckfood (NL)
Eindbaas dj’s
Vega Selecta (PL)
Zerkalo (NL)
Bass Culture (NL)
Munchi (NL)
Ripley (US)
Unsoundbwoy (AU)
Al-Haca Soundsystem / Polska Roots Soundsystem (DE)
Sabbo (IS)
Prince of Persia (IS)
El Hijo De La Cumba (AR)
Moses Iten / Cumbia Cosmonauts (AU)
Selekta Trecid (NL)
Kobe Louis Charles (BE)
Captain Steel (BE)
Makina (AR)
DJ Tommi (NL)
Crowdkrushers (DE)
Shazalakazoo (SB)
Grup Ses Beats (TR)
Chief Boima (US)
DJ Polyesta (NL)
Ricky Corazon (CL)
Bongoman (BE)
Silver Canary Soundsystem (BE)
Chico Parany (AR)
Kolsuz Kahraman Wang Yu (TR)

One thought on “Artists

  1. Hello dear people of Rebel up

    I got your information from Womex page.

    My name is Marouf Majidi, originally from Iran, a Kurd now living in Finland, since 2005.
    I play tar and tanbour, compose and sing. I recorded an album ,we recorded at the Sibelius Academy studio in Musiikkitalo and the recording was mixed in Burbank, California, by a world class engineer, mr. Rich Breen ( We are very happy with all aspects of the outcome.

    Currently we are looking for someone to release the record, and your label seems like one of the best options.

    The origins of the project are Kurdish-Arabic, and the collaboration with Finns is probably unique, at least I don’t know anything quite like this. I’m guessing the best market and interest for this could actually be found in central Europe, to Mediterranean area and Middle East.

    Below you’ll find the band presentation text as well as a link to all tracks on the recording, as well as a couple of unpublished music videos of two of the tracks, confidentially for your ears/eyes…

    I hope you can find time to check out our recording. Tell me if it is something you’d be interested in talking more about and considering for a release.

    Here you can find
    all tracks, final mix:
    videos, hidden in YouTube:

    Marouf Majidi; vocals, tar, tanbour, composer
    Jouni Järvelä; saxophones, clarinets, piano arranger
    Jukka Haavisto: fretless bass
    Mikko Hassinen: drums & percussion

    Marouf Majidi
    Tel +358 401239366
    Ståhlbergintie 4 A 6
    00570 Helsinki-FINLAND

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