Saturday 29th of January: Rebel Up! Soundclash with DJ BUSHDOOF, DJ POLYESTA & Rebel Up! DJs/VJs @ OCCII

Still feelin’ stuffy, hey ?

You’re not quite finished with your chocolate box and your waistline resembled a creamy croissant with an invisible belly button. It’s normal, it’s global. Happy faces for a happy new year plenty of crisis and resistance against it. Most of us ate plenty for this end of 2010, the snow didn’t prevent us from reaching the turkey’s butt. Wilders gets his own licked more than ever by the local parliament and there’s anarchy in Belgium. The salmon flies above the homeless and the shit of a banker does not want to produce gold yet. On this “divide and rule” game, indignation taken into action remains the best arm.  In order to connect and talk about real good common resolutions for the future, the OCCII and its Rebel Up! Soundclash is a perfect venue for that. We will bring you the atmosphere necessary to redeem your stomach and cruise the world’s perspective. Through what means of transportation ?

Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr have been touring the world for the past 20 years as musicians, filmmakers and ambassadors of cinematic goodwill. When they are not running the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, they tour the world singing folks songs to accompany silent Super 8 films they have shot on their travels. From the Mongolian Steppe to the Streets of Mexico City, sit back and relax as these images and sounds are presented as a lullaby of memory and dreams. We’re lucky to have them as they’re just a few days in Europe by the invitation of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Be on time, they’ll play around midnight!
old clip;

DJ POLYESTA (NL) has gained the rank and right to travel in a magic carpet, swifter, smoother, that fits her attitude to music. On the outskirt of all-lands, she seems to have create her own place where her guests are invited to float in an elegant compound of styles. Like a druid, she’ll combined each force into a musical entanglement and vaporized it as a BalkanAfricarribeoceAsiatic trail. Bring your carpet and maybe one or two cushions if you want to follow her.

DJ BUSHDOOF (Melbourne/AU/A’dam) will use his rickshaw to stroll within the small streets of Laos, filled with charismatic songs and fumes of grilled pork. He’ll bargain his ride for a green 125cc Suzuki and jump into the Favelas of Rio and deal some gems for Baile funk sake. Suddenly reappearing in an electrified tram on Brooklyn Ave. Seeking the right cap, electro hip-hop, electro / pure / hip hop. Within these choices, our local DJ will use the Jamdown decision “Take ’em all, leave none behind”.

The REBEL UP! CREW will take a viral pleasure to ensure sound attraction and visual prospection. We are coming back with more intriguing sounds than ever. With us a Chaabi singer meets easily with a Dubsteppa MC, fresh 2010 tecnocumbia from the Andes collides with South Indian folkpop down to the dance circles of Soweto. We keep it on a no-ground level!

With the knowledge of these eclectic sounds and the temperature it’s going to bring you should also be aware that you coming represents a good step in the means of helping others and enjoying it. By leaving a 5 euro fee at the entrance and maybe a little more, you’ll support an organisation that develops goodwill projects especially in Africa. The name of the organization is Warriors Without Weapons. So here’s one mutual resolution that works !
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Saturday 29th of January @ OCCII
doors: 22.30 – 04.00 – Amstelveenseweg 134 (Tram 1 or 2)

Saturday 19th of december @ OCCII; Rebel Up! versus Bomb Diggy *global clash* night, w/ Timeblind (US) & Sonido del Principe

webflyer 21nov 19decIt’s december and almost the end of this lovely crisis year. Well, not for Rebel Up! and 2009 has been an excellent year for us with almost every time a nicely filled OCCII. Time for another special Rebel Up! party! We have teamed up with the good folks of A’dam global bass crew
Bomb Diggy
and made tasty global lineup for ya!

Tonight’s special guest is Timeblind, aka Chris Sattinger from the States, who travels on many musical roads such as dancehall, jungle, hip-hop, proto-dubstep,global dub and tropical tunes. He has been part of the New York illbient scene in the early 00’s,trotted around India for a while and is currently living & working in Berlin, the hotspot for experimental music. His set will be a combination of a live PA set with a dj set in heavy global and tropical spheres! Do check out his site or myspace for sounds & mixes.

We will also be joined by mystery man Sonido del Principe, honcho of the excellent Generation Bass blog. Expect some chewed up cumbia, mashed up with some serious bass and latino & caribbean sounds. It will be impossible not to shake 😉

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Saturday 21st nov @ OCCII, A’dam; Rebel Up! Soundclash *Rio vs Sampa Brazilian cidade clash* w/ Maga Bo(US/BR), DJ Tudo(BR) & Process Rebel (US)

Wahey, next Rebel Up! party coming up!

This one will be a *Rio vs Sampa Brazilian cidade clash*. We will guests from Brazil’s 2 biggest and most famous cities; Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo. Anyone familiar with these cities will know it; these cities are overly vibrant with music, culture and liveliness! For that very same reason they are also each other’s nemesis and created some good old rivalry. The Carioca’s (inhabitants of Rio) think themselves as the most life enjoying people while the Paulista’s (inhabitants of Sampa -or Sao Paulo-) see themselves as the centre of Brazilian culture. Oh dear, but on this night the rivalry will have a delicious taste where Maga Bo and DJ Tudo will be giving their best sounds.

Maga Bo (US/BR/Rio) is the messenger of things exotic, broken and mashed up. expect a live dj set with furious bass line that will wobble on capoeira rhythms. Ever touring the world as a soundman and general globalteer, it will be his 3rd time(!) already at Rebel Up! but it’s always an honour to have him. Both times he played with us, it was a FULL house! Check out his site or myspace for sounds & mixes.

DJ Tudo (BR) hails from Sampa and this is only the first time he comes to Holland! His sound is a varied mix of samba, bossa nova, capoeira , forro and other Brazilian dance styles with some sweet breakbeat and electro bass added for full effect.
webflyer 21nov
During the night, your faithfull Rebel Up! crew will take care of globetrotting dance sounds, cult spheres and colourfull visuals. We also will be joined by US ex-patriate Process Rebel, living in A’dam nowadays. He’ll bring a full clash of rootsical mashups with a global ‘up yours’ attitude 🙂

We also will have a special photo exhibition by Enno de Jong (A’dam, 1967), who has made an amazing serie about the street Children of São Martinho, Rio. This exhibition is a combined project of 1991 and a recent revisit in 2009. See below the photo of Marina in 1991 & 2009.

As you know, we dig the charity cause and we have again selected Brazilian organisation IBISS, who do multiple street projects in the Rio area. We’ll go around with a collection box during the night or you can donate at the door!
More info:

Saturday 21st nov @ OCCII
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:30 till late,
6 Euro fee. ~Profit goes to charity~!


tomorrow/today 6th nov; special night @ OCCII, A’dam

No, not a Rebel Up! night (we got ours on Saturday, that’s good enough), but a MKM night @ OCCII!.

Some really fresh history to that; last night I went to see Robert Millis, a long time Sublime Frequencies collaborator and therefore a fine soulmate of us. He gave an excellent viewing of his road movies My Friend Rain (Birma) and Phi Ta Khon (Northern Thailand) that he made together with fingerpicker/guitarist Sir Richard Bishop.
Only 5 people were there, including OCCII staf. Such a pity and people missed out BIG time. The Subbacultcha evening seemed more important to some (even though that one went on till late).

Along with some limited Molam ISAN & Tamil Nadu cdr-s and his Phi Ta Khon movie, I also picked up this Victrola gem. wow!

Tomorrow at the MKM night with Orchestre Tout Puissant de Marcel Duchamp, Robert will be playing under his Climax Golden Twins moniker, definately worth it, so don’t miss!
info of the night hold & belowwwwwwwww > > > > > > >MKMmy-friend-rain

…global cult hillbilly acoustics >
hear this leaf whistled tune!

Just like the artist in whose honour the band is named, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp like to fuck with the conventions of pop just as much as the Dadaist Duchamp liked to fuck with the conventions of art, throwing up double bass, electrified minimal guitar, trombone, drums and a singing violinist where more conventional bands would stick to, well, you know, conventional band stuff.
Don’t let that suggest a pile of arty nonsense though, because Afrogarage and NAP are pop tunes. Yes, pop tunes that sound like Marcel Marceau wanking to jazz funk, but pop tunes all the same. Check out the slap bass intro and jazzy whig out of Afrogarage and the folky strings and marimba rhythm of NAP for all the proof you need that this is a band 17 steps and 3 scotch eggs ahead of the party.

Punk Rock Jukebox
Two Pin Din was, is, and will be Wilf Plum and Andy Kerr.
€ 6,- Doors open 21.00

Saturday 24th oct; Rebel Up! Soundclash w/ *live* João Brasil (BR) & DJ’s Andy Moor & de Boer (The Ex/ZEA)

webflyer occii okt 2009

It’s also Rebel Up! time again @ OCCII
We’re staying in warm South American spheres, going out of Argentina and into tropical Brazil!

João Brasil hails from Rio, but lives in London since a few months. He will play pure tropical electronica from Brasil; baile funk (Rio style hiphop electro), tecnobrega (dancepop from Brasil do Norte) and cut up ‘montagems’ of various Brazilian styles. Que bom!

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Friday 23rd october, Rebel Up! Soundclash Utrecht #2, *live* João Brasil (BR) & Pata Potea (TZ/KE)

webflyer vechtclub oktThanks all you Utrecht folks for coming to our previous Rebel Up! cumbia party in sept.
It was a great success with a good global vibe! Up to another global dance night @ Vechtclub!

This night will have a much different sound than last time’s cumbia clash. Expect to get some fresh baile funk electro & tecnobrega live action from Brasil and shaking afrobeat funk and hiphop from Tanzania & Kenya!

João Brasil hails from Rio de Janeiro, but lives in London since a few months. He plays live electronically sampled music from Brasil; baile funk (Rio style hiphop electro), tecnobrega (dancepop from Brasil do Norte) and cut up ‘montagems’ of various Brazilian styles.

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Thursday 22nd oct. Rebel Up! crew @ Poortgebouw, R’dam w/ Filastine & MC Nova (US/IND) & Saxixa (NL/Worm)

A6-landscape.inddHi all,

Thursday 22nd we are playing at the awesome Poortgebouw building at the shores of the grand river Maas. Global sounds will flow this evening in rough edged corners and eclectic travels. The evenings runs from 21:00 till 01:00.

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