Thursday 22nd oct. Rebel Up! crew @ Poortgebouw, R’dam w/ Filastine & MC Nova (US/IND) & Saxixa (NL/Worm)

A6-landscape.inddHi all,

Thursday 22nd we are playing at the awesome Poortgebouw building at the shores of the grand river Maas. Global sounds will flow this evening in rough edged corners and eclectic travels. The evenings runs from 21:00 till 01:00.

FILASTINE & MC NOVA (US/ Soot Records, Jarring Effects)
Solo artist on DJ/Rupture’s Soot label. Mashes up Middle Eastern
melodies and other exotic flavours with razorsharp, fragmented beats,
without damaging the soul. A colourful and striking attack against “world
music” homogenisation. He will be performing together with MC Nova (bombing
Bahasa Indonesian raps).

REBEL UP! DJ & VJ Team (NL/ Rebel Up! Soundclash)
Organisers of the Rebel Up! Soundclash events in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
Passionate collectors of diasporic sounds from the global underground.
Their collection ranges from Europian mestizo beats, gypsy funk and Arabic
roughness to Latino cuts, amplified African rhythms and Asian psychedelica.

DJ Alter ego of Sascha Roth. Programmer of WORM, connoisseur of Cumbia. Key
figure in the Holland-Argentina connection, shipping the purveyors of
Cumbia and other rural styles from overseas. For Textuur he will bring you
a carefully picked selection of imported goods.

Place, Poortgebouw, Rotterdam
Location info:
Start: 21:00
Fee: 5€


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