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Rajasthan Street Music LP – *Sublime Frequencies*

Sebcat is very proud to present his self recorded & selected Rajasthan Street Music double LP, out since March on US label Sublime Frequencies.  It has finally come out after some slow years selecting & readying the song, ever since Sebcat and VJ M undertook that trip to Rajasthan over 6 years ago. It has resulted in a truly special document of contemporary Rajasthani folk music in diverse styles with nice cover art work.
Read here what some websites say about it.

back/front sleeve artwork
back/front sleeve artwork

Sebcat still has LP’s available which you can buy personally from him in Brussels while stocks still last, cheaper than most shops will sell it for, so better be quick if you’re interested…
price; 25€

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1st Rebel Up Nightshop radio show *emission 0*

Yo folks,

Our very first radio show session, “emission 0” on Radio Campus Bxl, broadcasted on 11th of january and to be repeated several times during the month. The show was actually recorded in late august and we had to wait a while before it was accepted into the Campus programme schedule. We kick off with 2 songs, followed by a label focus about the Sahel Sounds label that mostly releases current folk & electronic music from the sub Saharan region. Then we played our albums of the month, which were Hailu Mergia (on Awesome Tapes From Africa) and Grand Kallé & l’Orchestre Jazz (on Planet Ilunga), followed by a global style focus on Pandza music from the south of Mozambique, a new electronic Marrabenta Shangaan style. In the nightshop segment we interview local Afghani shop owner Raza Wasiq of the Economat shop on Av Stalingrad and he chooses 2 ‘Hazzari’ songs to play. To end, a freestyle mix of Rebel Up! sounds. download here >…

Rebel Up Nightshop #0 > Sahel Sounds label, Hailu Mergia, Grand Kalle, Pandza, Afghan Hazari folk by Rebel Up Nightshop on Mixcloud

and a great Amanar live video + interview, thanks to Toni from Radio Groovalicacion

Bamakosmos XVI – Amanar from Toni Polo // Migratory Musics on Vimeo.

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6 new Rebel Up! theme mixes online at Mixcloud

hey peeps,

We got 6 new theme mixes online since the last few months, some of them are even up for download!
check them out here;

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Ililta Band


Chalachew Ashenafi (vocals, masinqo)
Mesele Asmamaw (krar)
Mesale Legesse (kebero)

About as old as Ethiopia itself, are the so called Azmaris, the wondering troubadours. A special chapter in Ethiopian culture. These playfull improvisors give a critical, humerous and poetic edge to the Ethiopian society. But also on all other matters they are the ‘freedom of speech’.

These Azmaris, from Addis Abeba, play the three most important traditional instruments: the masinqo, the one string fiddle and bow; the krar, the 6 string harp; and the kobero, the traditonal drums from big tins and cowskin.

This soulfull music from Ethiopia is unique and stands out from everything, but is at the same time very swinging, dancable and forward, like a good rockband.

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First M.I.A. remix before release, FREE MEXICAN OMELETTE, CON CHILI!

Hey all,

Remember this post at GB?
To the question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Our man Toy Selectah simply answers; the omelette!

Being stuck in Brussels now after having played at a poorly attented Mexican festival night last Saturday, his flight has been rescheduled till next week by the ash gods. This calls for some heavy cumbia thunderstorms with acid chili rains, hell yeah!

Lo and behold, inspiration already came from M.I.A.’s new video -which is sparking up some heavy flames at the internet forum & twitter menagerie hah!-
Look-y HERE if ya don’t know what the fuss is about or haven’t been infected by the what’s-it-about-hype yet. Toy took it and now owns it before the media spin has even made a complete lift off. Wow, how motivated a quality remixer can you be! It was good fun having the hombre remixing it live in my livingroom. And only 10 minutes late according to his own deadline. Time to get it straight, some scrambled eggs in audio!

Here’s the M.I.A. song:

Here’s the original by Suicide

Here’s the Zurita remix (from early 2009)

And finally, here’s Toy Selectah’s freshly cooked Mexican omelette mix. with extra CHILI!

(collage made by our Rebel Up! girl Princess Finness)

I just peeked at the twitter Pitchfork spin; one of M.I.A.’s new songs will be called ‘Tequila’. Watcha gonna do about that one Toy? Wait and see.

And another present from Toy, his freshly uploaded Raverton Worldwide Mixtape! Grab it here;

And hey, Toy will be hanging around Belgium and Holland the next few days. If anyone has a spot for him to play on Friday or Saturday night at a good bargain rate, hit him up!

This Thursday night the orange Queensday madness is kicking in Holland. If you are around, just come to Utrecht for the eclectic global 8bit dubtech *1UP* party! Toy Selectah might even join us last-minute. Check here.

Busy times ahead, speak y’all soon -some muslim dub awaiting for next bloggie!-

Rebel Up! Seb

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GonjaSufi – A Sufi & A Killer (Warp 2010)

Once in a a while a record comes along which sums up the stuff you like, and combines it in a way you hadn’t heard before. A Sufi and A Killer is a record like that (and it is produced by the Gaslamp Killer). Gonjasufi spits his distorted lyrics over beats filled with sound from records we love. The Turkish psychrock legend Erkin Koray is heard various times, his tune Yagmur is versioned into Kobwebz and Seni Her Gordugumde (aka I’nan Ki) into I’ve Given. Both Erkin Koray tracks are featured on his 1973 album on Istanbul records. As a great fan of Spanish seventies flamenco-hybrids I was thrilled to hear the voice of Las Grecas in the single Cowboys & Indians, sampling their 1974 tune Bella Kali (from their classic first album Gipsy Rock). L.A.’s Spirit gave their The Other Song (from Son of Spirit, 1976) for Gonja to recycle it to Dust. It seems he’s putting a band together as we speak, can’t wait to experience this in a live setting. Check out this little mix by Anikulapo (CLICK HERE) combining the Sufi songs with the originals.
Obviously, there tons more of samples, if anyone has any more suggestions, I’d love to hear it…….And remember to buy this album!

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Zina Daoudia, queen of the tecno-chaabi

introducing miss Daoudia (or sometimes spelled as Dawdia)

Infectious puzzled djarbouka beats, strokes on string and a constant raspy female voice- that’s Zina Daoudia’s steady-as-she-goes trademark tecno-Chaabi that has won over Moroccan and even Algerian youths with fastpaced beats. Chaabi is the new Maghrebi sound of berber folk-meets-pop that all the young folks listen & dance to at the moment. More folks in the West should really do so too.

The Studio 2M programmes are really something, a counter attack to the ilk of Maroc Idol by going deeper into the heavier folkloric stuff that shakes and rattles. Here’s the place where Dawdia earned her rap with the audience. On these stages, old traditions get turned into new digital ones for today’s Moroccan youths. No muffled western currents here, unless you want to talk about the influence of autotune. Moroccan folklore makes a strong step into the new digital age. The clips below show urban Morocco in full swing and headbangshaking motion. Girls and boys next to each other, dancing. Women in short laces, tight shirts, skintally clad even. You might even say, western, if the urban Moroccan context would have been lost on you. People who don’t know much about Morocco might have this frame in mind of a secular society, where teenage youths are herded apart under a rule of hormonal scrutiny by veilded elders with sticks. Nowadays in the big cities, music speaks in a free tongue. Here’s some hazy audiovisual reality;

and here’s a downloadable piece from on one of the many mp3 cdr’s that I brought back from Morocco last summer. Over 10 minutes long, it slowly builds up with interpunctions, stepovers and chitchat as a gelling glue for her rapturous rhythm.

Zina Daoudia – Piste #3

till next bloggie!

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Brass Wires & Bass

DJ Delay - BW&B
Brass Wires & Bass

Brass Wires & Bass is a title (release: March 31st 2010) that deserves our attention.

DJ Delay’s ( a.k.a. Beam Up a.k.a. Sonical, all aliases of Brian May… and no, NOT that one) forthcoming compilation presents an elegant cross section of the best of the Balkan scene, tweaked, dubbed and worked over to the limit. This is music that needs to be taken seriously.

Here is Balkan brass not in a new coat, but as old bones with new meat on them.

The meat is futuristic, minimal at places, deep, dark and dubbed down at others, succulent throughout. It relocates the Black Ark Studio to Belgrade, Budapest or Berlin with considerable ease and grace.

We can only hope that Delay will not do as Perry and incinerate his studio just yet, but will let us profit from its fruits for at least a while longer.

(I for one would love to hear his reworking of Čerkezi Orchestra, Acquaragia Drom, or, why not, Duško Gojković’s jazz masterpiece “Balkan Blue”).

Judge for yourself:

Brass Wires & Bass by Beam Up & DJ Delay

RebelUp crew is doing their best to have the maestro pay us a visit some time soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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