Sat 25 April > Rebel Up! SebCat @ Balkan Trafik, BOZAR Bxl + Foton party @ Beursschouwburg


This weekend is the Balkan Trafik festival again in BOZAR museum in Brussels, 9th edition already!

On saturday, Rebel Up! SebCat will play a few listening sets in the big Horta hall between the shows of Bosnian folk-jazz group Divanhana, Kosovarian-Turkish singer Suzan Kardes and Greek singer Katerina Tsiridou & Fanouris Trikilis Rembetiko Project. Expect sounds of slavic folklore, balkan beauties, old greek rembetiko vinyls, Turkish spheres and other vintage sounds from beyond the eastern hills.

See the full lineup & info on the Balkan Trafik site.

Get in the mood with this vintage Rebetika mix from 2 years ago >

Rebetika: rough blues & hard times from the Greek peninsula 1922-2012…. mixtape by Rebel Up! on Mixcloud

and oh, supertip for saturday night > our friends of Foton organise a nice experimental global/electro night in Beursschouwburg with our good friends Lowdjo and Filastine playing too. Free in, so be there. All info here

23-26 Oct > Rebel Up! @ Womex expo in Cardiff + 2 gigs in Bristol (UK)


In the next few days Rebel Up! will be at the Womex world music expo in Cardiff, Wales. We are participating with a stand as part of the Global Club Music Network, a network of global music dj’s and producers (such as Kosta Kostov, Chief Boima. Post World Industries, Wormfood, Urbanworld and several others), to spread the positive and hipshaking message of new and inventive global and electronic music. Should you be there, you can find us in the main Motorpoint arena at stand no. 215 and during thursday and friday you can come and listen to our silent disco dj sets!

womex awomex b

Also on Friday afternoon we will present a GCMN network session in Network Room 2 at 15:00, to talk and discuss world music in the club context with international collaboration, exchanging music, sharing idea’s and setting up a touring circuit, so come along if you want to participate!

Besides the day time fair there will be many musical showcases and for the first time even a DJ summit on 2 nights! See here for more info and check the Womex site for the full schedule and programme.

Specially for the Belgium Music stand we made a mixtape filled with contemporary Belgian world music released in 2013 or a bit before. Everything from world hybrids such as jazz, rock, pop, roots, urban, electronic and experimental spheres. Listen to it here and it’s up for download as well!

Belgium Music @ Womex 2013 mixtape by Rebel Up! on Mixcloud

Then the gigs where Rebel Up! can be found >

On wednesday 23rd in Bristol at The Exchange venue, Rebel Up! dj Sebcat will be playing some shangaan & tsonga disco between the concerts of Shangaan Electro & Heat Sick. See full info and tickets in the FB event.


On thursday evening in a bar in downtown Cardiff, Rebel Up! Sebcat will be playing a global roots set at a roots/dancehall night, below the 10 Feet Tall bar at 11A-12 Church Street. Starting at around 22:00.


And on saturday night, Rebel Up! will be back in Bristol and playing at The Canteen venue on the Wormex night with Bengali-Cuban-British band Lokkhi Terra. Expect a good mash of indian, african and latino sounds to keep your feet warm and stomping 🙂   and it’s FREE IN! Full info in the FB event.


see you around!




Thursday 22nd oct. Rebel Up! crew @ Poortgebouw, R’dam w/ Filastine & MC Nova (US/IND) & Saxixa (NL/Worm)

A6-landscape.inddHi all,

Thursday 22nd we are playing at the awesome Poortgebouw building at the shores of the grand river Maas. Global sounds will flow this evening in rough edged corners and eclectic travels. The evenings runs from 21:00 till 01:00.

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Friday 18th of sept: Rebel Up! Soundclash @ Incubate festival > GENERATION BASS weekender

Hi all,

The Incubate festival (previously named ZXZW festival) will last for a full week with a heavy list of special lineups allover Tilburg town in the south of Holland.  The Friday & Saturday are set as a GENERATION BASS WEEKENDER, which means 2 days of global ghettotech, incubatelogoeclectic  sounds, broken beats, dubstep and other global mayhem.

The mighty good global folks of GENERATION BASS asked us a few months back if we liked to curate a room @ Incubate! Such honour indeed and we selected some previous Rebel Up! acts together. On Friday the 18th we’ll be spinning global sounds all night long in the Batcave room with live set by Filastine feat. MC Nova (US/IN), Process Rebel (US), Malorix (NL), DJ Pinchado (AR) and DJ sets by DJ UMB (UK) and yours truly on DJ & VJ duties. Check it all HERE.  In the other room there’s a hefty lineup of dubstep greats like Raffertie, Joker, Reso and A1 Bassline, such a clash of basstastic sounds this will be!


oh, and on Sunday the70’s afro-funk outfit Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou from Benin will be playing in the outdoor Muzetuin!

Hope to see you there!


Rebel Up! Soundclash double dose; WEEKEND TOUR -> Fri 27th @ Worm, Rotterdam & Sat 28th of february @ OCCII, Amsterdam; with Filastine (US/SP) & Malorix (NL)

Hello there,

It’s your soundgrocer knocking at the digital window, bringing some sweet saffron smells.  🙂
We are preparing for another Rebel Up! Soundclash, this time a full weekend of Rebel Up! clashing in Holland’s 2 biggest cities!  Let’s just call it a ‘Tour of the Dams’ thing, so that people in both Rotterdam & Amsterdam can get a cultured listening by the hands of Filastine, Malorix and our Rebel Up! crew.

On Friday 27th of february the friendly people @ Worm are taking our rebel Up! crew and Filastine (US/SP) in their playhouse. The night is hosted by Redrum Recordz and is set up as the album release party for local Rotterdam resident artist Malorix, who has just released his crisp new album ‘Sound System Culture Clash’ on the same label. Expect a display of broken world beats with different flavours and dippings. Since we are kinda co-hosting too, we will happily provide the playaround sounds and visuals throughout the night!  We also heard rumours that Arnold of Zea (and also The Ex) will be taking bar playing duties, wahey! 🙂   so, Rebel Up! does Rotterdam a go-go!  Damage is 7 euro’s, first 25 visitors get a free Malorix album!

@ Worm 27th 

But beware, unlike our Amsterdam episodes, this night will start @ 21ish and will be finished at 2am. (not 1am as wrongly stated before)

That’s good news for all you Utrecht-ites; now is a direct night train going from Rotterdam to Utrecht in 40mins, not the 2 hours of boredom and snoozing as before!

See here for more info at the Worm tube;
and if you can not make it on Friday…..

the next day, Saturday 28th of february, will ofocurse bring us to our faithfull nest that is the OCCII in Amsterdam oud-zuid.
Here all the shine will be on Grey Filastine, coming from his Barcelona holdout. He has also just released his new album ‘Dirty Bomb’ on French experimental label Jarring Effects & Soot Records. What can we say, this album is even better and rougher than his previous one. The album was recorded in many corners of the world and different deep bass styles seep through the soundpalate. Filastine has been quite active in the last 10 years as part of anitcapitalist improv group Tchkung! and marching band Infernal Noise Brigade that performed at WTO meetings. Anyone who has seen Filastine live at work before will remember that his solo sets are all about bringing his sounds live to the dancefloor, with live drumming in shopping cart setups! Filastine will serve up a spicy melange of balkanized ragga, gunshot dubplates and endless critical political mashes between the eastern and western hemispheres. This IS the brave new world in full sound.  To get a serious travel in taste, listen to his 2007 Blentwell mix.  (tracklisting)

Check out his website and hidden blog about his travels in Asia and on recording his album.  And scroll down for some live video’s!  red hot.

Malorix surely is no unfamiliar face at Rebel Up! anymore and will also present his freshly new album in a good live setting. We’ll also shape the night with our warm-up and cool-down sounds & inspiringly tantalizing visuals! Our promise -> a thrift store experience of ethnical influences and unknown styles, mashed with the obvious sounds of cumbia, kuduro, rumba, gypsy, maghreb, dabke, molam, gamelan and any other sizzling folk/pop/rock/hiphop/noise/ambient combination, who knows!


About charity matters. Last time unfortunately we didn’t  collect much funds for Islamic Relief so we are raising the roof for them again. Hope we can provide some deserved aid to families in Gaza and Palestina this time. As many of you will know, things are not going well in Gaza at the moment. Around 900 people have been killed and over 4000 have been injured during the last sieges. The majority of Gaza citizens are currently without water, electricity or gas. Food is running out, and around 80,000 people are estimated to have been left homeless.

Islamic Relief is an international relief and development organization which has been working in the Palestinian territories since 1994. In spite of ongoing blockades and enduring limited humanitarian access, Islamic Relief Palestine has managed to supply and will continue to supply food parcels, medical supplies and blankets to the people of Gaza, co-operating with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, and other aid agencies in order to alleviate the pains of the people of Gaza. Your donation may seem but a tiny step, but lots of tiny steps combined will surely enable something of a positive leap to occur in the lives of our fellow humans in the Gaza strip!

A word of advice; we recently heard that the Dutch Islamic Relief site is prone to ‘phishing‘, so do not pay them straight by credit card but by Giro 2002!
Also refer to their international website unless you’re sure of the safety of your paying method. This phishing incident does raise the prime question; who are behind it; just simple web criminals or Western intelligences blocking the money flow to the East? Perhaps it’s a combination of both, it wouldn’t be so odd really.

Oh, I still have a little backlog of Nepali topi hats, caps and other locally crafted goods from the Tansen valley that I took back with me last year. Up for sale on both nights for those interested in uniquely streetwise Nepali youth & grandpa fashion 🙂

Hope to see you somewhere!

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#21)
Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..
a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals,

Saturday 28th of february @ OCCII
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:30 till late,
5 Euro fee. -> Profit goes to charity!

Percussion bits for Filastine Live at Transmediale 2009, Berlin from Grey Filastine on Vimeo.