tomorrow/today 6th nov; special night @ OCCII, A’dam

No, not a Rebel Up! night (we got ours on Saturday, that’s good enough), but a MKM night @ OCCII!.

Some really fresh history to that; last night I went to see Robert Millis, a long time Sublime Frequencies collaborator and therefore a fine soulmate of us. He gave an excellent viewing of his road movies My Friend Rain (Birma) and Phi Ta Khon (Northern Thailand) that he made together with fingerpicker/guitarist Sir Richard Bishop.
Only 5 people were there, including OCCII staf. Such a pity and people missed out BIG time. The Subbacultcha evening seemed more important to some (even though that one went on till late).

Along with some limited Molam ISAN & Tamil Nadu cdr-s and his Phi Ta Khon movie, I also picked up this Victrola gem. wow!

Tomorrow at the MKM night with Orchestre Tout Puissant de Marcel Duchamp, Robert will be playing under his Climax Golden Twins moniker, definately worth it, so don’t miss!
info of the night hold & belowwwwwwwww > > > > > > >MKMmy-friend-rain

…global cult hillbilly acoustics >
hear this leaf whistled tune!

Just like the artist in whose honour the band is named, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp like to fuck with the conventions of pop just as much as the Dadaist Duchamp liked to fuck with the conventions of art, throwing up double bass, electrified minimal guitar, trombone, drums and a singing violinist where more conventional bands would stick to, well, you know, conventional band stuff.
Don’t let that suggest a pile of arty nonsense though, because Afrogarage and NAP are pop tunes. Yes, pop tunes that sound like Marcel Marceau wanking to jazz funk, but pop tunes all the same. Check out the slap bass intro and jazzy whig out of Afrogarage and the folky strings and marimba rhythm of NAP for all the proof you need that this is a band 17 steps and 3 scotch eggs ahead of the party.

Punk Rock Jukebox
Two Pin Din was, is, and will be Wilf Plum and Andy Kerr.
€ 6,- Doors open 21.00

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