Ililta Band


Chalachew Ashenafi (vocals, masinqo)
Mesele Asmamaw (krar)
Mesale Legesse (kebero)

About as old as Ethiopia itself, are the so called Azmaris, the wondering troubadours. A special chapter in Ethiopian culture. These playfull improvisors give a critical, humerous and poetic edge to the Ethiopian society. But also on all other matters they are the ‘freedom of speech’.

These Azmaris, from Addis Abeba, play the three most important traditional instruments: the masinqo, the one string fiddle and bow; the krar, the 6 string harp; and the kobero, the traditonal drums from big tins and cowskin.

This soulfull music from Ethiopia is unique and stands out from everything, but is at the same time very swinging, dancable and forward, like a good rockband.

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