Weekend 27-28-29 Sept > Rebel Up SebCat at Indian Masala weekend @ Pianofabriek Bxl + Giraffes & Penguins party @ KulturA, Liege + L’Uzinne fundraiser + Medex Anatolian night

Indian Masala Weekend is a festival that runs for 3 days in Pianofabriek (St Gilles), with dance workshops, expo, film, concerts, dj sets and more!

Rebel Up SebCat will kick of the 1st day on friday 27th with an Indian folkpop set from various styles & states of India, traditional music pop hybrids and more.

From 17h to 21h30 @ Pianofabriek bar, free in
FB event / website.

Listen to this spicy Indian Masala Mixtape from 10 years ago >

and after that, straight to Liege, for our very 1st Giraffes & Penguins party at KulturA club.

Time to enjoy Liege with electronic global sounds & beats from all corners of the world.

Our tropical lineup:
Les Freres Jackfruit duo (FR)
Tropical DJipsies (Bxl)
Pso Man (Liege)
Le Grand Mechant Loop (Bxl)
Rebel Up SebCat

FB event / website

5€ (CASH ONLY) /// doors: 22h
Vegan snacks by ASBL Les Oiseaux s’entêtent

@ Rue de Roture 13

on saturday, the Paye Ta Chiotte fundraiser party at l’Uzine,
with a Giraffes & penguins moment from 1am to 3am >
1am > Rebel Up & Le Grand Mechant Loop
2am > Les Freres Jackfruit

Prix libre, show your support!
FB event

and on sunday evening, a Medex evening in La Tricoterie,
with Turkish buffet, expo, live concert by Kenan Erer & The Bosphoros Beat and dj set by Rebel Up SebCat + Selim Dion.

Prix libre, support Medex!
FB event
FB event

Saturday 19th March; *INDIAN HOLI NIGHT!* with Latrama & Tapiador (ES/Madrid) live + Indian dance workshops & dj’s @ OCCII, A’dam

Rebel Up! is neither bass nor acoustic, but always searches the tight in-between space where fusion is unheard. Here is what’s happening next :

In due respect to the Holi celebration night, the Indian festival of light and colours or what Westerners would call Spring Fest. We’ll entwine forces of Shanti and Meera who will both perform Indian dance rituals and even surprise you in the intent to give you some knowledge of their art. There will be 2 dance workshop on the way for the brave and the mighty to learn traditional Indian dance and the Garba folk dance from Gujarat. here some Garba moves!

This night we’ll be opening early at 21:30 for those who want to participate in the Indian dance workshops!

Musical support for the dancefloor rolls like this:

Latrama & Tapiador (ES/Madrid) DJ / Live set: global beats freestyle dj set including world music influenced sounds from all over the globe from India (mainly) to Cuba through Balkan, Middle-East and African regions together with the funniest and avant-garde indian and global broken beats, electro, breakbeat, deep-bass grooves + live including:
– Live indian tabla (Latrama)
– Darbouka and/or dhol (Tapiador)
– Laptop/electronics – Latrama – Wiimote + first augmented reality CD application available through Latrama’s new album “Love & Projects”, also available at the party!

The Rebel Up! dj’s will play their most obscure Indian tunes, taken from the jungles of Orissa, the deserts of Rajasthan, the Telegu region and other local folkpop styles. DJ Satish will join us for a more special vintage taste of Bollywood. www.mixcloud.com/Rebel_Uppa

guest dj Selekta Trecid (from Tilburg) > Jurgen connects people in the global music field and good friends with the people from Asian Dub Foundation, Watcha Clan and Shazalakazoo, a real sound enthousiast of fusion, Eastern European and Indian sounds, he’ll play along with the public mood for he knows the rules of the arena.

India shall also meet Africa for the best of both.
All Included/Caravane Bamako will be here for a second night to raise funds and attention over the situations of deportees and refugees from the Native Continent. Around midnight, they’ll present a video over the actual context to clarify before you their actions. With them djembe players will guaranty the link between party movements and commitment in motion.

So you see this night, you won’t find time to sit. You may want too but hips and legs will do otherwise. It’s the way it is and for that matter, we’ll start earlier to leave you time to warm up.

So be it,

Saturday 19th of March @ OCCII

LATRAMA & TAPIADOr live/dj (ES/Madrid)
SHANTI / MEERA (Dance support)
doors: 21.30 – 04.00 – Amstelveenseweg 134 (Tram 1 or 2)