sat. 27th aug > Rebel Up! Soundclash @ OCCII, A’dam > Rebel Up! meets Bassculture crew


time to kick off a new Rebel Up! Soundclash season at OCCII. From now on our parties will be once every 2 months instead of every month, just to keep it fresh and focused.

Coming saturday 27th, the Rebel Up! crew will meet the Bassculture crew from A’dam for a night of tropical bass, roots & funk, exotic folkpop and other vintage sounds to dance to. check the facebook event here.

Ofcourse our profits will go to a good charity as usual. With the heavy famine that is waging in the horn of Africa right now, we would like to raise emergency funds for the NGO SEED Samburu / Edukans. We also hope that everyone can donate whatever they can spare…it all helps!

A few weeks ago, the UN World Food programma decided to stop sending food reliefs to the tribal region of Central Sambura where the Samburu people live (a pastoral-nomadic tribe related to the Masai) and instead all food now goes to the refugee camps. It’s unfair that the UN turns their back on the Samburu and choose to let them starve. All the educational progress that has been made the past few years by NGO’s like Seed Samburu is on the point of being swooped away because without food, there is no education. Just 10 euro’s will already feed a Samburu child for a full month at school. This is the only daily meal they get as their own families are not able to feed them. Please give the Samburu kids a meal a day so that their life & education can continue!

If you are in Holland, you can also donate through this Edukans link or if you are elsewhere in the world, check the SEED Samburu site.

Amstelveenseweg 134, A’dam Oud Zuid
doors from 22:30 til 4:00
damage > 5€ for charity

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