Tropical album of the year? King Coya – Cumbias de Villa Donde

We’re definately psyched by this dubbed out debut!
Dubby echo’s, pounding drums, pixellated roots, fuzzy folklore and latino electronica. this cocktail doesn’t go wrong one bit. The cover is just awesome, as if an Andean video game for herding lama’s y vicuña’s 😉 coya

Taken & edited from ZZK Records site >

“King Coya, from the Northern Argentine Andes, is the digitalized, imaginary version of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklore with electronic music.

His anticipated release, Cumbias de Villa Donde, on ZZK Records is a collection of original down-tempo, electro folklorica that bridges indigenous music out of South America with global dance. Through King Coya, Gaby Kerpel reinterprets classic Colombian and Peruvian cumbias in the Zizek sound. It’s the kind of record that rede nes world music, allowing the listener a personal stake in audio globe trotting: King Coya’s music is both accessible and timeless, taking you home to the Andes mountains and beyond.

Coya is a term used in Northern Argentina, referring to a local in a yarn cap, reserved in nature and small in stature, playing an instrument like the charango; the mini guitar used in Argentine folk music. Gaby, through King Coya, has made himself into the purveyor of laid-back, electro-folk infused with cumbia, hip hop, and reggae, enriched by voices from diverse global regions, while maintaining the avor of South America.”

Check the album @ ZZK Records, Buenos Aires muchachos!

And oh, BONUS time for crazed searchers of fluid sound, King Coya’s new mixtape!
ZZK Mixtape Vol.7

enjoy, hasta la pasta!

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