Kacky Disco! Gabon gospel-soukous-hop on a 80’s beat

Kacky Disco from Gabon. Not much known about them except that I saw them on a dvd last weekend, in a Congolese musica shop in Brussels. On the other side of the street there were the meathouses of Cureghem, where Romanian butcher shops were catering for Africans with signs that said *African meat*. Quite a cross-clashing setting tho’; African customers queueing up before the red/white checkered counters filled with heaps of sorted meat, the red neon colors slightly glowing on their dark skins while Romanian keyboard folkpop blared out of the little speakers. There’s some Eastern Europe meets Africa for you. Once again one of those unexpected cultural crossings that’s typical to area’s outside of the city centre of Brussels offer.

Back to Kacky Disco, we sure dig that name. They seem big into 70’s/80’s spheres as they mash different sounds together what you could describe as Africa meets West, except with way more emphasis on the African sound. Kacky Disco is mainly one man, who calls himself *le propulseur, le commandant en chef de l’Oriengo*. If you can understand some French, here’s an interview on Kacky’s blog, it’s sincerely rigolo.

Apindi Apindi, great swinging song; gospel & hiphop on a 80’s beat with african b-boy dancing, turning into straight up soukous!

and some funked soukous with karate kicking afro wigs.

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