Fri 1 Feb > Rebel Up @ Haitian Night, Les Ecuries van de Tram, Bxl

salut Bxl!

This friday at Les Ecuries van de Tram, Schaarbeek.

Join the most uncommon Haitian party of the year ! On one hand the wonderful Renette Désir with her mesmerizing voice plus crazy piano explorations and total virtuosity by Fabian Fiorini. On the other hand Rebel Up SebCat. And ofcourse with Haitian food!

Menu from 19:00 >
sheep ∞ chicken ∞ rice w beans ∞ sauce ∞ banan ∞ pikliz ∞ vegans welcome too!

During dinner Rebel Up SebCat will introduce lost treasuries of the wonderful Haitian heritage. Get the real Caribbean food and sounds all in one, the real thing!

23:00 > Désir & Fiorini launch their collaboration with Nicolas Esterle (The Ångstromers). They expand their rhythmical and melodic vodou explorations into electronic vibes. Haitian creole poetry is still food for the soul. Official album launch of the album on El Negocito Records.


00:00 > afterparty with Rebel Up SebCat
Let’s keep it Haitian. But this one will get wild

Before 9:30 PM – Free entrance !!!
From 9:30 PM – 7€
Haitian food – 10€
Haitian snack – 5€
Album – 10€



@ Les Ecuries van de Tram
Rue Rubens 95
Next to place Collignon (Schaerbeek)
Tram 92 >>> Pogge

Sat 23 June > Festa Afro Tuga #4 *Live* w/ Africa Negra & Celeste Mariposa @ Les Ecuries van de Tram, Schaarbeek

This special summer Afro Tuga *Live* edition is a concert night with a live band all the way from Sao Tomé e Principe, Conjunto África Negra, who bring Rumba, Socopé and Semba!

Africa Negra (Sao Tomé e Principe)
For over 40 years, África Negra holds the musical scepter of Sao Tome and Príncipe, an archipelago off the west coast of Central Africa. They are extremely popular in Portuguese-speaking African countries such as Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Mozambique, even in Colombia and in the Afro Portuguese diaspora around the world! Their music was a symbol of the first years of independence in 1975. They are idolised for their inimitable line of guitar based Rumba and Socopé from Sao Tome or Congolese Soukous, with also some happy notes of Highlife from Ghana. They are back, without losing their original sound of the 70s and 80s and with most of the original lineup. If you were at their incredible and wild concert last year in Muziekpublique, you know the musical fire they will bring. Puxa pa!

CelesteMariposa (Lisboa)
Wilson Vilares aka Celeste Mariposa started out in the techno scene but the powerful music of the African ex-Portuguese colonies lured him in and he became a true connoisseur of the Luso-African music diaspora from Angola & Cabo Verde, Guinee Bissau, Sao Tomé and further. Celeste Mariposa is also a label, releasing talented Luso-African artists living in the Lisboa area such as Chalo Correia and Julinho da Concertina (both played in Bxl the last 2 years). Expect wild funana, funky coladeira, electro passada, shaking semba, rebita and much more!

Rebel Up Gato Seb (Bxl)
Brussels global crew Rebel Up! are no secret with their eclectic global nights allover town, their monthly radio show Nightshop and Kiosk Radios session. Expect some hot warming up in Luso African spheres, from vintage sounds to contemporary LX beats.

Le Grand Méchant Loop (Bxl)
Founder of the Giraffes & Penguins party, he will take us on a surprising journey, spiced up with live percussion, where the genuine sounds of ferrinho and gwoka blend to create the kind of groove that can only be explained on a dancefloor!

NGHE Soundsystem (Bxl)
a travel through Luso sounds for the opening & dinner

Special surprise live set > Electro Chouk (Haiti/Bxl)
At the very end of the night

Afro Tuga food / cuisine >
stew of red beans, cabbage & sausage / ragout avec haricots rouge, chou vert et viande!
if you want to eat > please reserve / reservez svp! > rebeluppa @ gmail com

entree > 8€ (with free beer / avec biere gratuite before midnight!)

FB event

@ Les Ecuries van de Tram
Rue Rubens 95
transport: Tram 92 (Pogge), 32, 55 (Liedts)