Nikanor – Bajo El Sol (CD)


Nikanor is a Peruvian band based in Brussels. Nikanor plays Chicha cumbia, a unique genre based on Andean melodies blended with tropical percussions and a rock ensemble. The first bands of Chicha appeared in Peru during the mid-1960’s and was very popular until the mid-1980’s. In the last years, ‘la Chicha’ is experiencing a renaissance, with bands and audiences from around the world (re)discovering its power and sound.

Their songs are a mix of rock, Chicha cumbia and Andean folk. Songs like ‘La Bajada del Kuraka’, with its Afro-Peruvian rhythms, or ‘Cóndor Blanco’, with its Quenas (Andean panpipes), make this album a trip to Peru. While listening to the songs you feel like flying through landscapes and rhythms from all around the country. All of this is played in a rock-structured band that invites to dancing and partying in a live setting.


Nikanor – Bajo El Sol (RUP014)
psychedelic chicha cumbia, cumbia amazonica, folk andino & rock from Brussels Peruvian band Nikanor.

Digisleeve CD
Released on 15 january 2020
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