Tropikal Camel – Awakening Spirits LP


Tropikal Camel – Awakening Spirits (RUP009)
Arab electronic sounds from Morocco, Kurdistan and Syria to European nightclubs

Released on 17 June 2019
Normal black vinyl, 140 grams + download code
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Those are the spirits of my ancestors calling from the Mellah of Meknes, from the mountains of Kurdistan. The unheard voices of my culture, that was taken from me. I shall talk to the spirits, I will heal the wounds. I was asleep, now I am awaken.”

Berlin based, Jerusalem pioneer Roi Assayag aka Tropikal Camel serves up his new album, ‘Awakening Spirits’. The album title is a wordplay: in Hebrew & Arabic, winds, spirits & ghosts are the same word – Ruaah. This title is polysemic: spirits are representing the mystic research that is eternal, winds are representing drama and conflict , ghosts are the voices from the past… the word awakening symbolizes the future.

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