Rebel Up! Documentary showing in Brussels :: 8 july @ Recyclart


20:00> 10:00 p.m. REBEL UP DJs

Tirelessly hopping from continent to continent is the driving force behind the Rebel Up DJs  for this evening to stop at the rich musical traditions of India. There is more than just music in India and Bollywood spiritual ragas, so expect a mix of tough street music and alternative strident disco folk from all over India by Rebel Up! DJs.

22:00> 11:00 p.m. Cinemusik (outdoor film projection):

22:00> 10:15 p.m. Documentary about the arganisation Telluris helping the people in Jharkhand.

The Belgian aid organization Telluris helps Munda tribes establish their own ecological projects in the forests of Jharkhand in north India. Because this Rebel Up! evening is free, we hope to raise money for Telluris, so do a donation in the pot at the DJ table! This short documentary was made by Maarten van der Glas, the VJ of Rebel Up!

10:15 p.m.> 23:00 “Rajasthan Live cinema”

Pictures from the street life in India (from the holy city of Pushkar, known for its camel market, fairground, street music and rituals) and taken mixed live by DJ & VJ M SebCat (Rebel Up!).This project will end this year on Sublime Frequencies as a compilation and DVD.


20:00 > 22:00 REBEL UP DJ’s

Onvermoeibaar hopt de drijvende kracht achter de Rebel Up dj’s van continent naar continent om voor deze avond halt te houden bij de rijke muzikale tradities van Indië. Er is meer muziek in India dan enkel Bollywood en spirituele raga’s, dus verwacht een alternatieve mix van ruige straatmuziek en schelle disco folk uit alle hoeken van India door de Rebel Up! dj’s.

22:00 > 23:00 Cinemusik (openlucht filmprojectie):

22:00 > 22:15  Documentaire Telluris project in Jharkhand.

De Belgische hulporganisatie Telluris helpt de Mundastammen bij het opzetten van eigen ecologische projecten in de bossen van Jharkhand in Noord India. Omdat deze Rebel Up! avond gratis is, hopen we geld in te zamelen voor Telluris dus doe een donatie in de pot bij de dj tafel! Deze korte documentaire is gemaakt door Maarten van der Glas, de VJ van Rebel Up!

22:15> 23:00  “Rajasthan Live cinema”

Sfeerbeelden uit het straatleven in India (uit de heilige stad Pushkar, ook gekend voor zijn kamelenmarkt, met kermis, straatmuziek en rituelen) genomen en live gemixt door VJ M & DJ SebCat (Rebel Up!). Dit project komt eind dit jaar uit op Sublime Frequencies als compilatie en dvd.

Garden Africa

The British association Garden Africa develops agricultural methods for resource and land management. In other words: to teach local people how they can plant, grow and harvest their crops under the best possible conditions to have enough food. The Rusapa project is a fine step in the right direction and with your help by a simple contribution at the entrance and at free will during the night, you can make a difference too!
See more at: gardenafrica

Colombian foundation, Juconi

“This special night will be in aid of a Colombian foundation, named Juconi ( Since Colombia is the cradle of the cumbia, why not give it a proper context? So it gets.

We would like to support the Micro Empresas project, where poor single working mothers receive support in setting up their own little business through practical education. This way they can start working from home instead of leaving their children behind every day for a far away and mostly underpaid job. This will prevent their children from ending up on the street and gives them and their family a chance for a better future.”

Myanmar Charity Group

This month’s Rebel Up! Soundclash will be in aid of the cyclone catastrophy in Myanmar. As overheard on Belgian news that donations from the West have been far below an average level of aid, we at Rebel Up! want to raise immediate awareness for the current conditions in Myanmar! Our eye has fallen on Myanmar Charity Group as the charity for the night.

The goal that MCG have in their Cyclone Recovery project is to give out family packs on which a family of 5 can live on for 1 month. We hope our night can buy a lot of those family packs, so please spread the word and check their website

What MCG hqs to say about on which level they stand within the country and its network:
‘MCG already has established local networks inside Burma to effectively distribute the funds to the cyclone victims and we will not run into obstacles like other international NGOs are facing. Dr. Yin Min Thein, Han Thi Oo, and May Thu Wint who are Myanmar Charity Group’s representatives in Burma, will be organizing and distributing the necessary items.’

Thanks again to all the people who came out at last month’s busy night for Myanmar, with your help we raised 250 euro’s!! We are damn proud of this and want to thank you all for your partying support.

In this month’s Rebel Up! Soundclash we again want to raise funds for Myanmar, as there still is a lot of help needed for the 100.000 homeless cyclone victims and a doubled donation would give more families a new start.
Hopefully we can add extra loot to the proceedings of last month and make a firm donation.

Stichting Tamsarya

We will donate the profits and collected money to Stichting Tamsarya. This organisation for Nepal has been shaped by a caring dutch woman over 10 years ago after she passed the region on bicycle and now has formed into a solid foundation, aimed to help the inland people of the mountain area of central Nepal. Huge mountain ridges and deep valleys make this region very inaccessible and therefore neglected by the state.

Many projects have already been succesfully completed or are still running smoothly. Money is ofcourse always needed to inject more funds into current projects or start new ones. Perhaps we can make it possible that more children from poor villages get education in better conditions. There is a school project that needs funding as the school has a lack of decent commodities while the pupils have to wade in ankle deep water. Repairs and renovations are already in the making, but our role here is to raise funds for school uniforms and supplies for the children. We hope to collect a fair sum to make this happen…and beyond. Do read more at

here some photo’s to give an impression:

War On Want

We will donate our nightly profits to War On Want. They are an organisation that fights global poverty in diverse campaigns. Our eyes are on Western Sahara, where the cause of the Saharawi people who have been living in exile for 30 years now. They are forced to live in badly conditioned camps, where water is scarce and the standard of life is far below a healty level. For more info see

Igitego Inyange

The chosen charity for friday the 25th is the Igitego Inyange project in Rwanda. This project has been initiated a few years ago by the Rwandese Anathalie Mukundwa and the Belgian VSO worker Vincent Thiry, to help a village in the poor Gahanda village region developing themselves in as many ways possible.

Their aim:
– To provide secundary education and arrange funds for university.
– Access to medical care for all , by paying insurance and visits at the doctor. A doctor has already been appointed to the village through donations.
– To build a centre in the town in the near future. This centre will serve as a medical and social centre and at the same time it provides the locals space to store, display and produce their handcrafts. Also tourist accomodation will be built to attract western visitors, so that locals can earn their livelihood through social tourism, without the intervention of package holiday agencies.

Please take a look at the Igitego Inyange website.
Below some impressions of Gahanda and the project.