Stichting Tamsarya

We will donate the profits and collected money to Stichting Tamsarya. This organisation for Nepal has been shaped by a caring dutch woman over 10 years ago after she passed the region on bicycle and now has formed into a solid foundation, aimed to help the inland people of the mountain area of central Nepal. Huge mountain ridges and deep valleys make this region very inaccessible and therefore neglected by the state.

Many projects have already been succesfully completed or are still running smoothly. Money is ofcourse always needed to inject more funds into current projects or start new ones. Perhaps we can make it possible that more children from poor villages get education in better conditions. There is a school project that needs funding as the school has a lack of decent commodities while the pupils have to wade in ankle deep water. Repairs and renovations are already in the making, but our role here is to raise funds for school uniforms and supplies for the children. We hope to collect a fair sum to make this happen…and beyond. Do read more at

here some photo’s to give an impression:

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