wed. 29 june; Rebel Up dj at Shangaan electro night @ Worm, Rotterdam (at Heidegger)

hello boys and girls!

What an amazing sunny Amsterdam roots weekender we had, hope you were there!

This wednesday we’ll continue even deeper into bizarre global territories on this very special Shangaan electro night at the good WORM in Rotterdam (not in Delfshaven anymore, but right in the centre at Heidegger venue, real close to the station!).

The South African Shangaan electro music is not your average african sound; it’s a happy electronic marimba folk style from the north-eastern Limpopo region with beats that can go up to 180 bpm. Not for faintfeeted. Producer Richard Nozinja will provide these infectuous marimba speed beats accompanied by the surreal dance moves of the Tshe Tsha Boys and the polyphonic voices of Tiyiselani and Nkata Mawewe. Sure is gonna be a good one, not be missed; only show in NL!

Before & after, our Rebel Up! dj SebCat will play South African sounds with Brussels friends Darcyr & LeBlanc (Tupolev/Brussels Up) and Max Le Daron. Hear this fresh Shangaan mix by Darcyr & LeBlanc, just uploaded!

and see here some Tshe Tsha Boys moves, get practising yo! 🙂

Saturday 30th of may, Rebel Up! Soundclash #24; with special guests Tupolev Sound Crash (BE) & Vega Selectah (PL)

Ah yeah, Rebel Up time again!
Do we actually ever sleep? hardly…

We’ll be joined by the eclectic Tupolev Sound Crash crew. TSC hail from the euro capital of Brussels and are our southern neighbours  in sound. Back home in Belgium, they crash many a global party (such as the Couleur Cafe festival) to bring a heavy brew of mashed sounds, from global ghettotech to ethnological sounds, any way the wind takes their aircraft!

Also our faithfull Polish friend Vega Selectah will again select his finest audible crops of eartickling sounds and dubs. We’ll be sizzling and grinding!

Other fresh and dusty selections will come from our hands in the oiled Dutch-Franco-Belgo trinity combination that you are used to. Tonight’s VJ duties will be done by our Argentinian lady crew of Normal Con Alas. Expect the unexpected.
If you feel like bouncing to the shaking marimba of an electric witchdoctor while spicy curry beats and tasty accordeons please your body and ears, come out and play with us!

The charity of the night is Telluris India, a Belgian organisation that provides aid to the Munda tribes in the forest state of Jharkhand in Northern India. These tribes are part of the Adivasi caste and are the native inhabitants of this region. Their culture and way of life dates back to before the creation of Hinduism, 5000 years ago. Nature means all to these tribes; they have a natural religion and worship the nature around them.

By the hands of corrupted authorities that favour industrialisation, mining and lumberjacking, the Munda are on the verge to lose their land and culture forever. The forests have already been robbed of 70% of their original size. As a result, their land is plagued by erosion, droughts and the decline of flora, wildlife and trees!

The forest offers ecological diversity, life, medicinal quailities and protection from erosion and because the Munda are small time farmers and therefore need the forest in order to survive. Telluris helps the tribes with planting of new crops and medicinal plants, the digging of water wells, spreading knowledge about organic farming and other projects linked to their direct environment. The tribes can decide for themselves in which facilities they would like to receive aid in by Telluris, instead of such choices being made for them like most NGO’s do. Villagers come together to discuss, unite and motivatie each other for achieving their prime goals and Telluris helps them fullfilling these wishes. Nearly all the local employees at Telluris who work with the Munda, are Munda themselves en educated by Telluris. At Telluris, the most important thing is to actively let people take part in the process where at every interaction, knowledge is exchanged!

More info:

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#24)
Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..
a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals

Saturday 30th of may@ OCCII
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:00 till late,
5 Euro fee. ~Profit goes to charity~!