Mon 15 Apr; Rebel Up! Sebcat @ Per Abuus evening, HS63, BXL


Per Abuus on Monday.
There’s a new small paper published. It takes place in Brussels.
We like to do things that make sense and not at all as well.
Everyone is invited to participate, throw some ideas, share there epiphanies, whatever you want. By accident, by mistake, by necessity.
Drop by on April 15th at the HS63, Hopstraat 63, Brussel. To listen, to read, to scribble.


– Audrey Lauro (improv sax/electronics)
– Scuola Nuova (feat. Xavier Garcia, Quentin Nicolai, Marc Matter)
– Ann Eysermans (harp / video / improv )
– Mathieu Ha
– the cocanoes (feat. Bear Bones, Lay Low)
– Maxim Funes Bielov

dj Lexi Disques
dj Sebcat (will most likely play some original sweetly depressive rebetika vinyls, indian sounds, iranian disco, african folklore and outherworldly oddities)