Rebel Up! Soundclash, Sat. 28th of march with 2/5 BZ (TR) & Zea (NL) live!

Hello all

@ Worm 27th

Time for another sweet Saturday of Rebel Up! sounds.
A few weeks ago we played at the OT301 at an amazing Ethiopian Azmari night -the Ililta Band with Chalachew Ashenafi-, thanks to Andy, Terrie & Colin for having us. It was nice to see some of our regular RU visitors too!

This saturday we’ll be having 2/5 BZ straight from Istanbul! Perhaps not a famous household name, but all the better. Someone who has been a John Peel favorite surely can’t disappoint.

Serhat Koksal aka 2/5 BZ has done 2 of those famous Peel sessions, which have both been translated into a crafty cutted ep’s. Well worth checking out, listen to the sounds on his myspace page.

2/5 BZ mixes rough beats and sample cut-ups with political narratives which go from east to west and vice versa.  True spheres from the oil-orient that is! Add some bizarre visuals of 70’s & 80’s ‘Nabucco’ cult movies to the mix, along with *no exotic* political images and you’ll experience what 2/5 BZ is all about.

Lately he has been occupied with special unrooted global movements, such as the Venezualan and Iranian cultural psyche and his latest audiovisial work ‘No Cultural pipeline Dialogue“. What to expect then? Who really knows, but what is sure is that an accidental occidental grip will take your attention and make you sway to blurred eurasian pixels loaded with heavy static. Better come and find out!

2/5BZ NO Cultural Pipeline Dialogue from BerBat Zoksal on Vimeo.

Ps., should you be living in the Rotterdam area, 2/5 BZ is also playing a live set @ Worm on Friday, so plenty of chances to catch the gullible guy!- wormweb

Our 2nd live guest of the night will be none other than Amsterdam local (and Rebel Up supporter & OCCII volunteer) Zea! Instead of a 2-piece duo,  Zea is continued as Arnold’s solo project for now (plus he has become the newest member of The Ex since a month!). As he puts it himself, he’ll be bringing some ‘buzzing pop and outernational rock music, yay!  See way below some awesome video’s of Arnold in Ethiopia last year.  ‘Song for Electricity’, such a great song and clip isn’t it? It makes us jump and jive 🙂

Song for Electricity

Also we’ll be joined by the mysterious DJ de Boer,  who will play ‘agrarian dance music’ from allover the world and possibly some ethnical Friesland sounds, Holland’s own foreign rebellious state 😉 Try to take a good guess as what his identity of semi-indie fame is. It ain’t that hard really.

Ofcourse the same old Rebel Up DJ’s will be dusting their records and swiping cd-r’s for your pleasure as well as our VJ team. New visuals will once again collide into millions of pixels, raw footage and whatnot loops.  Sure, we’ll serve the syrup mighty sweet and sour!

Charity Matters, we stick with Islamic Relief for the 3rd and last time tonight. Families in Gaza and Palestina keep on needing your support. The majority of Gaza citizens are still without water, electricity or gas. Food is running out, and around 80,000 people are estimated to have been left homeless.

Islamic Relief is an international relief and development organization which has been working in the Palestinian territories since 1994. In spite of ongoing blockades and enduring limited humanitarian access, Islamic Relief Palestine has managed to supply and will continue to supply food parcels, medical supplies and blankets to the people of Gaza, co-operating with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, and other aid agencies in order to alleviate the pains of the people of Gaza. Your donation may seem but a tiny step, but lots of tiny steps combined will surely enable something of a positive leap to occur in the lives of our fellow humans in the Gaza strip!

Hopefully the Dutch website of Islamic Relief has been made free of criminal or anti-islamic phishing.  If in doubt, redirect your digital money to islamic relief/ or just come along to our night and drop them in our tin box!

Oh, one of our dj’s has a little backlog of Nepali topi hats, caps and other locally crafted goods from the secluded mountainous Tansen valley from last year. Again up for sale for those interested in uniquely streetwise Nepali youth & grandpa fashion 🙂

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#22)

Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..

a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals,

Saturday 28th of march @ OCCII


Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)

doors open 22:30 till late,

5 Euro fee. -> ~Profit goes to charity~!

Some 2/5 BZ viddy’s:

-on Turkish tv-

An other Zea video: