RebelUp! VJ M and Maga Bo collaborate on a video project


Our very own RebelUp! crew member VJ M and our beloved performer Live DJ/ producer Maga Bo have started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to work on new video’s for Maga Bo’s latest album ‘Quilombo do Futuro’. Three years in the making ‘Quilombo do Futuro’ takes Maga Bo closer to his new home Brasil. ‘Quilombo do Futuro’ delves into the rich Afro-Brazilian musical heritage and transports it into the 21st century.

Maarten van der Glas, a.k.a. VJ M, is known for his colorful and playful images on the RebelUp! Soundclash parties. He will bring his vision to two new music video’s for ‘Quilombo do Futuro’:for the song’s Galope and Xororô. In addition to that he will his technical skills to work on a new live video engine to be integrated with Maga Bo’s live audio set.

The project is totally self-funded. If you are interested please go to this page and get involved:

We will keep you updated!

Update: If you want to donate direcly via paypal, you can do so here, by pressing this donate button:

Here is a review to the album:


Here is the video detailing the project:

Maga Bo and VJ M – Video Collaboration Project from Maarten van der Glas on Vimeo.


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