Rebel Up! Soundclash featured in the New York Times!

We’ve been making some waves, or riding on the ones others have created, depending on your perspective. Well either way you look at: it Rebel Up! has been expanding: monthly evening in Amsterdam and Utrecht.  Shows planned in Brussels. Rebel Up is going international. And now even more as we have made a cameo apperance in a New York Times article.At the end of page one of the travel section Rebel Up! Soundclash is mentioned in relation to the Vechtclub:

“The club frequently features “soundclash” events that merge contrasting genres of music into one show: One recent event paired an Afro-funk band — which featured a group of acrobats — and a roster of Brazilian D.J.’s.”

Well that does sound like us! Here is the whole article if you care to read about the off beat tracks of Utrecht:

If you missed the show, you can see a part here:

Rebel Up! Soundclash :: Pata Potea :: Live @ Vechtclub, Utrecht from Maarten van der Glas on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, uh 🙂

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