Rebel Up! fusion Amsterdam < > Brussels

Hello all,

bit of news; our Rebel Up! dj compadre Riquetik is on his way to Budapest for the next 4 years and it is a real pity that we have to wave him goodbye for now.

A bit of new changes coming up on the Rebel Up! front as we try to keep it fresh both in Amsterdam and Brussels by letting in some new musical blood. After the summer, Rebel Up! will embrace the dj crew from Brussels Up! Soundsystem, which is Sebcat‘s global Brussels project that was started over a year ago with dj’s LeBlanc, Darcyr and Sonidero Quilombo. It will be much easier to continue under one name and from now on Rebel Up! will be more represented in Brussels besides Amsterdam so that we can keep on throwing good parties for you!

don’t forget, next Rebel Up! Soundclash will be saturday 25th of August @ OCCII Amsterdam, followed by saturday 27th october. More news soon!

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