Various Artists – African Electronic Diaspora (Black Lives Matter digital fundraiser)


Various Artists – African Electronic Diaspora (RUPBLM)
African electronic music as fundraiser for anti racism NGO’s and black community initiatives

Digital only, only available via our Bandcamp page. 10€
Artwork by Murielle Ló


The aim of this digital compilation is to raise funds for various (inter)national NGO’s, anti-rasicm advocacy groups and organisations of black initiative, with all proceedings to be donated to these causes.

The artists donated their music as a collaboration between Rebel Up Records, the artists and the international labels Nyege Tapes, Hakuna Kulala, Syrphe, Bongo Joe Records, Sdban Records, Galletas Calientes, Blanc Manioc, Indigenous Underground, Strut, Earconditioning and 1000Hz Records. On this compilation we brought together mostly electronic African or Afro descendant artists from the worldwide diaspora and artists based in their homelands, from motherland Africa to Latin America to the Caribbean and back to Europe. It’s a vibrant combination of contemporary sounds that showcases the current talent of the artists and producers, combined with awareness for black lives & art and serving as a fundraiser. You can find a list of the supported organizations on our Bandcamp page.