*new mix!* Folkpop Dhamaka Mashup, 100% Indian masala sounds!

hey all,

I put a new mix online at mixcloud; listen up! 🙂

All tunes in this masala funky flavoured mashup mix are selected from over 100’s of cdr’s, video cd’s and cassettes that I picked up on my trip in India in 2007. In modern India, music is part of everyday life on the street, where distorted sounds blast from shops, riksha’s, buses, temples or weddings in many musical styles. Especially the sound and variety of local folkpop interested me. Folkpop is the hybrid of old folk music and modern pop/dance made with new digital techniques. The frequent use of vocoder, autotune and other effects give it a culture-clashing sound where old traditions meet the changing modern times. The folkpop mixed here is a mash of Sambalpuri, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Haryana and Gujarati dancepop styles. So yeah, a clear tracklisting was quite impossible here because most of the titles/artists are written in Hindi & local languages, or even marked as unknown mp3’s. Not an easy task to translate or decipher all that, consider this mashup a mystery and let the music speak for itself. There’s so much more to India than Bollywood. If you look deeper into the local culture of different states, you find a unique sound that follows the same rolling wave allover India…. from north to south, east to west and back!

You can also buy this mix as an honest handmade cd-r with nice colourful artwork design for just 5€ (excl. postage, depending where you live). mail us at info@rebelup.org

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