Special warm African Nite @ de Vechtclub 11 december

RebelUp Utrecht AfricaHi all,

coming friday we have a very special warm african winter Rebel Up just to keep the bones smooth and the juices running. Come and dance with us on our stock full line up:

John Kayongo. Our old time friend and African DJ extr’ordinaire DJ Kayongo will bring his tunes to make you sweat!

Jua Nzima: African live percussion band

Elephant Soundsystem. Grooving sounds exclusively handpicked to be played on vinyl only!

Rebel Up! DJ &VJ team. Will Rebel Up the place with unexpected sounds and visuals from all over the world.

Kako da Ne. Will bring their very varied Urban Folk Explosion.

The special cause for this evening will be the charity that John’s mom set up to help vulnerable children at a nursery school and daycare in Kibera, Kenya who are orphaned or whose parents are unable to provide food and tuition. The organization is all locally run — and supports about 100 children.

You can make a dontation in the box on the evening and read more about it: here.

22.00u – 04.00u | entree: 5 euro | Brailledreef 9, Utrecht

googlemaps link; http://tinyurl.com/yg5p92m

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