Chiapas Indians

The profits made on saturday will be donated to the Chiapas Indians in Southern Mexico, who are struggling to support their families and their livelihood, since the Mexican government does not take sufficient care of this remote part of the country. The Indians have to build all their schools and hospitals themselves and for this they need support from the outside world.

Maybe some of you will have heard about the Zapatista movement uprising, which can be seen as one the first antiglobalists who stepped up for their rights when their govenment did not act on their issues. We at Rebel Up! feel that we need to support these rebelling indians in their righteous cause.

At the moment a hospital is being built nearby La Realidad, which is situated in the autonome area that is not controlled by the Mexican army anymore. Funding is seriously needed for the construction of this hospital and that’s the chosen route our money will follow. This project is coordinated by Grassroots Projects, please scrobble their website for more info. We hope to see you saturday.

Thanks to all you out there for coming out to the OCCII on the 17th!! You made this debut party a real success and by this feat we managed to raise about 300 sweet euro’s! This will surely give the people at Grassroots Projects a sincere push in their Chiapas cause.

We truly had not expected this many people with happy feet, creating such a superb atmosphere. We counted more than 100 people after midnight, who turned the dancefloor into a sea of bodies, rocking straight till the end!

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