wedn 7th oct. La Minor (RU) concert & Rebel Up! dj’s @ Exit, Rotterdam

Hi all,

This wednesday evening a real nice concert @ Exit in Rotterdam.  flyer 7 okt

From St. Petersburg and Odessa comes the male sextet La Minor, a band that plays a combination of sax, guitar, guitar bass, mandolin en bayan (Russian button accordion). They bring pure and warm acoustic music filled with Russian chanson, polka, klezmer, tango & gangsterjazz. One after the other, vocalist Slava Shalygin tells tough guy stories that deeply smell like alcohol and tragic love . In a huge country where one fifth of the male population has already been in prison once, these typical Blatnyak songs of life are daily bread and part of the national psyche. La Minor takes up the Blatnyak role theatrically with a wink in the eye and lighthearted irony which sure will make people smile and dance. Their record has just been released on the fine Berlin Eastblok label.

Before & after the band, We’ll spin a bizarre mix of Ex-Sovjiet & Russian spheres, Eastern European folk and Balkan Beats. Expect a deeply in vodka drenched sound filled with pleasure and melancholy, future and past times gone.


Wedn. 7th October @ Exit
Mauritsstraat 173 – Rotterdam (very close to Central Station; 10mins walk)
entrance fee: just 5€

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