wed 8 june, Kawa Brothers @ Compilotheque, Bxl (+Rebel Up! Rajasthani street music dj set)


the Kawa brothers

tonight the Rajasthani Kawa Brothers will be playing at Compilotheque!
The Kawa family hail from Jaipur -the pink royal city- where they have been raised with the legacy of traditional Rajasthani folk music and Indian classical compositions on the sarangi, santoor and tabla. Should be a special concert in true desertlike spheres of Rajasthan.  See a video here.

Before and after, Rebel Up! Seb will play his Rajasthani recordings that he recorded on the streets and in people`s homes during a 6 month Indian music trip in 2007-2008. After the summer, a compilation of these Rajasthani recordings will be released on American cult label Sublime Frequencies by the title *Rajasthani Street Music*

be sharp, thik hai!
doors open at 20:00h, just 5€ in, very cheap bhai ya didi!
Compilotheque, Akenkaai 50 Quai des Péniches, 1000, Bxl

~phir milenge~

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