Sat. 15th of November; Rebel Up plays sounds and visuals at India Festival @ De Balie

Hi there,

At the end of the month we will ofcourse have another Rebel Up! party -(rumours say it might be an Indian Special on the 29th, ssssshhhhht!)-, but untill that coming date, we will be playing on a night at the India Festival this saturday, 15th of november! The venue is cultural cafe De Balie, which is the big cafe right next to Paradiso. We’ve no clue what to expect; to play for filling up a dancefloor or rather for a relaxed cafe atmosphere with seated folks, hmmm. Either way, we’ll bring the listening people a mashed stew of special folkpop, known and unknown cinematic tunes from Bollywood and other Indian states and some straight-up raw folk. The VJ will show a interesting divide between the Bollywood image of India and the *real* streetwise India as filmed by our VJ during our travels last year.

Come along! We’re not sure if our musical part is free, but the cinema/political debate things before aren’t…
The programme in the Balie on saturday rolls like this:

10.00-17.00 uur | By-Pass. Everyday life and Contemporary Urbanism in India and China (symposium)
19.00-21.00 uur | Voices from the Fringe: Community Videos
21.00-23.00 uur | Debate 2: Stories from beyond the digital divide
21.30-23.30 uur | Voices from the Fringe: Seven Islands and a Metro
23.00 uur – 01.30 | End of evening with music (Rebel Up! Soundclash DJ + VJ)

ps. More info soon about our Rebel Up! night in the occii on 29th, promise!

The India festival kicked off last week, so take a peek at their programme filled website: There’s quite a lot to do and see during the next 3 weeks, like famous Indian raga and folk artists at the Concertgebouw and Tropentheater, many exhibitions at Van Gogh and Foam and also some great classic movie trilogy in the Film Museum by the master director Satyajit Ray. And much more.

Also another friendly spin plug: there’s an Indian interaction project going on at the Waag every satuday till the 30th, the City Raga’s project by the Waag Society. This creative interactive game enables you to have direct contact with people in Delhi and following your own trail! Info below ->

Curious about India?
Interested in the Indian culture?
Participate in a photo exchange game with people from Delhi?

Together with 3 people in Amsterdam and 3 people in Delhi you create a visual story.

City Ragas is a mobile game played in India and the Netherlands.
Every team, consisting of people from Amsterdam and Delhi, has the mission to create a storyline by exchanging pictures. The collection of pictures will be an artwork on changing city identities, which will be interpreted by Hans Plomp, a poet, writer and who sees India as his motherland on the 18th of November in the Waag.

For more information see:
You can easily register yourself and invite friends to join the cultural exchange.
You can participate on the following days at the Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4 at 9.30 or 12.00

8 november
15 november
22 november
30 november
See you there!
Love, Lipika

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