Rebel Up! Soundclash #17, saturday 18th of october, special guest Malorix (NL)

Dear individuals of the freed society,

You who know better than wasting your time and money on the global bank failing system. You who heard the sounds crash from oh so many parties. Can’t you hear the horns of a fanfare passing by your doorsteps? Or maybe the volume of your Mesopotamian LP is already too high. You would definitely like to cheer it a bit with a Nigerian high-life.

Well, if you have a minute or five full hours to spare, you might have a chance to meet that kind of stuff and plenty more this saturday at the OCCII, on the next Rebel Up night! Starting as usual : get your first drink at 22.30 and start to dance at 23.00 or break the rule, you fool. Some of the survivors of the last september clash still feel the rumbles of the African Guinean drums played live by those cool Polish guys and backed by Selecta Vega.

Malorix in St Petersburg
This time we’ll have special guest Malorix from the multicultural port of Rotterdam. He’ll treat you to a live laptop set and meet me in the White Lodge if he can’t play enough rough shake-it-shake-it rarities and beat ratatats! Expect not just live electronics but also his finest selection of Northern African Raï and Arab-Asian sounds

Also the nomadic Nohmada guys from Ghent will join us again with refreshed sprinkles of Southern and Eastern European delights. Sure you’ll hop and bounce to their playfull tunes till your ankles hurt!

And here another good reason to come…….

As you may well know, things are not going for the best in Zimbabwe, due to the perpetual thirst of power by nasty characters over an overwhelmed population.

The British association Garden Africa develops agricultural methods for resource and land management. In other words; to teach local people how they can plant, grow and harvest their crops under the best possible conditions to have enough food. The Rusapa project is a fine step in the right direction and with your help by a simple contribution at the entrance and at free will during the night, you can make a difference too! Hope to meet you there for the good of your legs and for the health of those in needs. See more at: gardenafrica

See y’all,
Your RebelUppites

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