Rebel Up! Soundclash #23, Saturday 25th of april; awareness night for the Schipholbrand; Free Ahmed Isa!

Time for Rebel Up! again!

Free Ahmed Isa!
~Schiphol brandt voort / Schiphol burns on~

It has been more than 3 years ago that the immigration detention centre at Schiphol airport burned down. An illegal government prison without fireproof materials, so it was a disaster just waiting to happen. 11 people died that october night in 2005. Libian immigrant Ahmed Isa is suspected of starting the fire by flicking a cigarette butt -say what?- He has been in jail ever since that night and still without trail. Testimonies by many of his immigrant inmates have proven that Ahmed Isa is innocent and that the insecure fire facilities are to blame. The government however, chose to turn him into a scapegoat. Normally his trial should have taken place this week, hoping that this night could be celebrated as his night of freedom. Unfortunately his trial has been postponed till august. Instead, let’s shake theĀ  shackles.
We say: Free Ahmed Isa!

During the night we will have Senegalese and Ghanese immigrant artists playing live & dj-ing alonside us. They were in that detention centre and survived that fire. We will give them a stage to spread their message, whether in words or music. We hope you want to listen and think deeply to them. Please tell your friends, family and come along to support!

Please note that we will open a little bit earlier, at 22:00

The lineup:
Black Lion (tribal animal dance from Senegal) site
Sali (African hiphop (Ghana))
DJ Papa Sakho (Senegalese dance music)
Wontanara Takkita (various Guinean drums played by global folks)

Profits of the night will go to the immigrants of the uprising in Block L, which happened last february. Most of them still need legal help, phone credit to call their family and other items that can make their life in detention centre a bit more bearable. See here for the information: Block L uprising information site

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#23)
Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..
a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals,

Saturday 25th of april @ OCCII
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:00 till late,
4 Euro fee. ~Profit goes to charity~!

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