Satanique Samba Trio – Instant Karma (digital only)


Satanique Samba Trio – Instant Karma (RUP016)
file under: tropical free jazz, brazilian music, experimental

release date: 1 may 2020, digital only.
Get it digital here.


May Day special for the lockdowned masses.
Satanique Samba Trio’s most recent release ‘Instant Karma’ WAS SUPPOSED TO BE the first liquid album in history: taking advantage of the short-lived exposure provided by Instagram Stories, your favorite Brazilian experimental quintet (yes, quintet), known for its brief-but-complex-deconstructed-Brazilian-rhythm-pieces, presented the world with a 15-second lo-fi tune every day throughout the month of February 2019. Taken together, it’s like a small 7 minute mini mixtape trip into the tropi-concrete world of SS3.

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