Susobrino – La Hoja de Eucalipto LP


In 2018, Susobrino presented his first EP “Mapajo” on Global Hybrid Records. Since then he has won several awards and introduced his creations to numerous festivals in Belgium and abroad. His new album “La Hoja de Eucalipto” brings alive a more energetic and aggressive side of Susobrino and presents a work focused on ethnic and world sounds, mixing his masterful percussion with electronic beats to create a unique and distinctive sound. The context of the album is an imaginary epic story of 5 individuals going on a spiritual journey into nature, told in 7 compositions / chapters.

In collaboration with the XXIII label from Porto, Portugal, who released “La Hoja de Eucalipto” digitally on May 1st.


Susobrino – La Hoja de Eucalipto (RUP013 / XXIII001)
Field Recordings, carefully chosen percussion, electronic spice and acoustic ingredients by Bolivian- Belgian artist Susobrino.

Released on 19 september 2019 in collaboration with Portuguese label XXIII.
Normal black 140 gram vinyl + download code.
Listen / Buy digital here.

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