Brass Wires & Bass

DJ Delay - BW&B

Brass Wires & Bass

Brass Wires & Bass is a title (release: March 31st 2010) that deserves our attention.

DJ Delay’s ( a.k.a. Beam Up a.k.a. Sonical, all aliases of Brian May… and no, NOT that one) forthcoming compilation presents an elegant cross section of the best of the Balkan scene, tweaked, dubbed and worked over to the limit. This is music that needs to be taken seriously.

Here is Balkan brass not in a new coat, but as old bones with new meat on them.

The meat is futuristic, minimal at places, deep, dark and dubbed down at others, succulent throughout. It relocates the Black Ark Studio to Belgrade, Budapest or Berlin with considerable ease and grace.

We can only hope that Delay will not do as Perry and incinerate his studio just yet, but will let us profit from its fruits for at least a while longer.

(I for one would love to hear his reworking of Čerkezi Orchestra, Acquaragia Drom, or, why not, Duško Gojković’s jazz masterpiece “Balkan Blue”).

Judge for yourself:

Brass Wires & Bass by Beam Up & DJ Delay

RebelUp crew is doing their best to have the maestro pay us a visit some time soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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