31st dec; Brussels new year; Bal de l’An Douze in La Compilothèque

hey, dance into the new year with us!
another unforgettable night of happy Bal du Canal mayhem on the canal, the best parties of the Brussels underground for all tastes and styles.

Rebel Up! dj SebCat will once again be part of the Bal du Canal crew, back-to-backing with Brian Hainaut, Jean Mikili and Rockin’ Cat Ivan from before midnight till the early morning light. Expect cumbia, african swing, asian psychedelica, flamenco rumba, rockabilly, 60’s vintage rock, 70’s flowerpop, 80’s pop kitsch, no-wave, post-punk, indie
and much much more…………

free in & fresh onion soup for the hungry!

@ La Compilotheque,
Akenkaai 51 Quai des Peniches – Bxl centre north-east.

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