Thursday 4th of June; Rebel Up! Soundclash & QuJunktions presents Sublime Frequencies 2009 Tour, with ~live~ Omar Souleyman (Syria) , Group Doueh (Western Sahara) & Sublime Frequencies DJ set & movie!

Sublime Frequencies tour 2009, with special artists playing Europe for the 1st time ever!

Omar Souleyman (Syria)


Syrian street level folkpop; traditional dabke folk music mixed with electronic dance beats, unreal music from the middle east! Back home, Souleyman performs at engagements & weddings as party singer for local Syrians and soon also for westeners. @ Rebel Up! we have many times played his songs on our nights, making you all dance and wondering -who is this special artist?- Well now, it’s (y)our first chance to hear him play in the flesh, don’t miss Souleyman’s folkrave extravaganza!

Group Doueh (Western Sahara)

Raw trancedental desert blues with traditional Sahrawi/Hassania folk music. Expect rough guitars and nomadic singing styles into one heavy lofi sound as never heard before from the sandy dunes of the Sahara. Let yourself be amazed by this Saharan sound of sweet lofi folkpunk.

Alan Bishop & Mark Gergis of the Sublime Frequencies label will play an eclectic dj set. Also the new movie  PALACE OF THE WINDS by Hisham Mayet about the Saharawi people of the Mauritanian sahara will be shown, wow!

~Just check out video’s of the artists & movie at the tour site of Sublime Frequencies!~

This evening is just too good, too special to miss out on some global cultural vitamins….

Thursday 4th of june @ OCCII
Location: OCCII, Amsterdam, Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
Start Time: 21:00, beware; early start with movie!
fee: 10€ (2 live bands, dj’s & movie!)

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