Lost iPhone @ OCCII last saturday

Hi all,

Thanks for coming out last saturday!
It was a mighty fine busy night with a super heavy live set by Maga Bo and Bnegão.

Maga Bo is seriously hungover, not from sodapops, but from losing his brand new iPhone. He just had it since a week ago and bought it on his tour down under in Oz.
We hope that someone found it on the dancefloor or at the bar. Please let us know earnestly if you have found it.

It’s nasty to think, but it might have been stolen. For now it seems to point that way as Bo left his phone upstairs at the OCCII for a lil’ while, lil’ enough for a pesky thief to strike its luck (truly bad karma on you!).
It truly would be a sad day to realise that our artist’s belongings are not even safe in the swell OCCII, bah 🙁

well, let’s hope for the best.
please mail us @ rebeluppa-at-gmail dot com