Saturday 22nd May Amsterdam – TransGobal Bass – Sonido del Principe // Process Rebel

Saturday 22nd of May @ OCCII – Rebel Up Soundclash meets Sonido del Principe and Process Rebel

Somewhere we have a say that goes “In May do whatever pleases you”

And us in Rebel Up we’re meant to respect that kind of free-minded motto. So we feel like pleasing each other with the crowd and our crew, music-wise mainly. Listen, don’t you hear the distant sound of horns spreading in all directions, beat down by the claves del America del Sur. Cumbia will be one of our centerfolds of the night only to allow us to go in various other destinations. Let’s have the program :

Rebel Up! Crew
– The saga continues with the reunification of our three original soundclashers. After having travelled for so long through the mountains and ending up in Armenia, Rik will distillate some of his crunchy curry material that you might find if you go through the desert. Seb shall boomblast the dancefloor with the stuff that’s not been created yet, he already has it. Looking for music from out there and beyond just ask Seb. The French dude will still pass on his motion-virus to the crowd and we’ll all get unstopable groovy legs. Maarten’s visions will splash on the screen all along the night.
Hot music and vids from our global understanding with beats and bass to your liking.

Sonido del Principe (NL)
– As a co-founder of Generation Bass blog, we owe a huge respect to SDP. He delivered in the past years dancefloor hits como “Cartagena”, under the brightest labels like Bersa Discos and Zizek. Now, the man is back to let us share is world of massive cumbia. Not one to take a nap on the counter but rather here to prove your skills at shaking your hips and shoulders. Here is one tropical base exploding in a firework of infinite possibilities. From Mexico to Buenos Aires you will hear genuine old school sounds mixing up with dubstep, electro and even hardrock.

Process Rebel (US/NL)
– Our friend will this time bring the battle gears to invade the last bits of reality you have left and transform it into a recreation world where strange whales are conversing with bushmen. His new stuff will be so hot that your comprehension of dancehall and dupstep will never be the same after that. He’s been heard in SoundCloud and many other links that you can get through that :
Obviously, we’ll end up clashing our face with the last tune that hurts it’s so good.

We’ll go one last time for the Project Cinema in Jenin fundraising and hope to reach 300 euro from your donations and the simple fact that you’re coming in. See more infos here :

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