Rebel Up! QUEENSDAY @ OCCII, A’dam with Hoquets (BE) & Jean Mikili (BE); sounds from Belgium and the ex-colonial/immigrant tropics

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HOQUETS (BE/Brussels)
Indiepop, rock and world songs about the weird/historical/culinaire facts of Belgium, all played on self-made instruments put together from discarded and recycled materials. Hoquets is a trio with members Maxime Lê Hùng (BE/ ex-Some Tweetlove), McCloud Zicmuse (US/Le Ton Mité & Maher Shalal Hash Baz ) and François Schultz (FR/Vive le Rouge).
They have just released their debut album ‘Belgotronics‘ on Crammed Discs and recently reworked a song of their friends Konono No.1. The eccentric live power of Hoquets is one of the best surprises of the year!

JEAN MIKILI (BE/Brussels/Liege)
Sweet French pop & folk songs with African Soukous guitar rhythms and songs inspired by folk sounds from Laos and much more.

Afterwards DJ’s Brian Hainaut (Hoquets) and Jean Mikili will join us with the dancefloor sound from Congo & around.

The Rebel Up! dj’s will play a mix of sounds from Suriname, Antilles, Indonesia and South Africa to celebrate the rich musical heritage of these freed ex-colonial countries and music of the diverse immigrant groups in Holland. No orange sounds, but only MULTI-COLOURED sounds! 🙂

Tonight’s funds will go to the Belgian/Rwandese humanitarian organisation Igitego Inyange ASBL, who support education and healthcare projects in Rwandese villages in the Gahanda region. We once did a fundraiser night for them around 2 years ago, so time to again bring them into the spotlight. More info here;

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