Various Artists – Arabstazy: Under Frustration vol. 1 LP


Various Artists – Arabstazy: Under Frustration vol. 1 (RUP004 / Shouka label)
Experimental electronic music from the Arab underground & diaspora

Released on 25 May 2018
Limited edition vinyl, 140 grams with download code.
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Under Frustration is a three-volume compilation project by Tunisian collective Arabstazy, establishing a picture of the contemporary electronic music scene in the Arab World. This musical journey stands for the diversity of this scene, and deconstructs the occidental perceptions that sees the Arab World as a culturally united and homogeneous entity.

It is a manifesto for a burgeoning movement that is aware of its representations, immersing its roots into the future, while highlighting and transmuting its traditions. In the frame of political, social and religious dictatorships, this is a creative process that is born under frustration. Among all who experience it, some will cope through artistic expression. We decided to relate to this frustration as an inextinguishable source of inspiration.

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