Babylon Trio – Live @ Nuits Sonores, BRASS Bxl Tape


In 2015 & 2016, the three Iraqi musicians of Babylon Trio arrived in Belgium as refugees of the war in Iraq. Keyboard player Arkan Mushtak hails from Baghdad, as well as his fellow musicians Walaa Saad (vocals) and Saif Al-Qaissy (darbouka, percussion and backing vocals). Together they play an electrified mix of contemporary Iraqi music styles, such as chobi chobi, dabke, maqam and electronic hybrids.

This is a live set recorded in September 2017 during the 1st edition of the Nuits Sonores festival in Brussels, in the BRASS venue. Released on audio cassette on Rebel Up in collaboration with NGHE Mediatheque. Limited edition: 110 copies.
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Babylon Trio – Live @ Nuits Sonores Bxl, BRASS (RUPCS005)
electronic arabic rave, live set at the Nuits Sonores festival.

Limited edition gold plated Audio Cassette: 25 copies left out of 110.
In collaboration with NGHE Mediatheque cassette label

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