Party aftermath

Hi all,

-a week of radio silence, broken-

first, thanks to all you out there for coming out to the OCCII on the 17th!! You made this debut party a real success and by this feat we managed to raise about 300 sweet euro’s! This will surely give the people at Grassroots Projects a sincere push in their Chiapas cause.

We truly had not expected this many people with happy feet, creating such a superb atmosphere. We counted more than 100 people after midnight, who turned the dancefloor into a sea of bodies, rocking straight till the end!
We are especially glad you folks enjoyed our diverse diasporic tunes and hereby once and for all acknowledging that world music styles should not be pigeonholed into ethnical corners or themes, but played with blood, sweat and tears!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more fun, as we are planning more nights in May and June!!
Plus, renowned international guest dj’s who are fronting this diasporic style will join too!

April on the other hand, seems to be a inactive month, sorry for the wait.
But the blog will keep itself updated through audio and words. Perhaps a mix somewhere too.

Please pass the word onto your friends and so on. Keep in touch, drop us a line, whatever
Many thanks again.

ps: has anyone made photo’s at the night? We would surely like to post them up here.

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